Tiffany the 1:1 Diet Consultant with The Cambridge Weight Loss Programme

I am not interesting in looking stick thin. If you are, that’s fine. I am not interested in being fat either. Again, fine if you want to look that way. Women are all beautiful, regardless of their outward persona and so are men and all the indifferent. Pic here by Danielle (my helper at Belleva). I got up this morning. Brushed my teeth and tied my hair back. This entire outfit cost me £11.00 including the shoes. We had rooms to clean for guest arrivals. I have more energy since Iosing weight.

I never wear make up but I do get beauty work done (occasionally) cos I love to be pampered. But mainly, I rely on my own hand poured soaps to nurture my skin. I have another half a stone to shed to reach my goal weight. I am a 1:1 Diet Coach with The Cambridge Weight Loss Programme. Each supplement is fully balanced with vitamins and minerals. I am a busy person with a lot of responsibility, so I don’t always want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This diet works for me because there is no preparation. It is tasty with plenty of variety and mostly vegetarian despite meat flavours, which are soya, unless specified otherwise. So it really does work with my often sporadic routine. Get in touch. I will not let you down but you have to be ready for me and be determined. You can reach your weight loss goals and then maintain a healthy lifestyle with plenty of fruit, veg and affordable recipes. Also my Step up Meals that everybody can enjoy.

I tend to see dieters during the week but am always available to get you started remotely and deliver your diet to your door quickly. Please see the link above to learn more, or email me today at with a bit about yourself and your contact information. You could be on your new journey instantly.

Tiff. X