Quartz Inn Hotels Grinn Awards #grinnawards2022

A few months ago I was approached by Quartz Inn Hotels who love Belleva. I thought they had mistaken my place for somewhere else? But they insisted it was Belleva and they loved the uniqueness of it. I had gone through a whirlwind of bad luck with spiteful neighbours, losing my dad and financial hurdles, so it took a while to sink in. I did initially decline as not to upset the apple cart. But was told that it was my interest and passion in getting involved with South Shore and the other side of life in Blackpool which shone through in my little place and the originality and diversity. I do have morals in sustainability but some way to go as of the cost of living.

I have always said and standby it’s the taking part that counts. And despite a small amount of the usual and expected animosity folks can expect when they do something different, I am proud to be a part of Blackpool. I shan’t be bugging anyone to get involved, as there’s some great places listed and they all deserve huge recognition. As long as I can keep Danielle in work and most of my guests happy, that’s fine. I just feel pleased to know the Grinn Team as I have nothing but respect for them and their amazing journey at Quartz Inn Hotels.

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No expectations whatsoever but great to participate.

Thanks in Advance.

Tiff Xx