Thank You for voting for me. Best Sustainable Female Entrepreneur. Tiffany Belle Harper

I did not expect to get anywhere, regarding the #grinnawards2022, as I felt it was something way above my means. but I am really happy I won. I didn’t actually approach any person directly to vote for me, as I am not the most confident of people.

I certainly will never be a social influencer or public character, as I believe that we are all important in one way or another. However, Belleva has been the most plentiful journey of my life. I learned so much about business, setting up a hotel from nothing, on a budget and with lockdowns, bereavement and an amount of resentment. It’s made me stronger and more determined to challenge myself further.

The hotel may look decadent, but one suite (for instance) used to be three bedrooms, so the place is not as profitable as venues the same size with more rooms that also offer food and a bar. Belleva does not offer this as part of our own sustainable plan, supporting guests to drink and dine at other venues, in particular, independent businesses in Blackpool. Belleva is not about maximum financial gain, more so following my own desire to create something resourceful and to my own eclectic taste. This being implemented with crafts from locals, friends and charity shops. Local tradesmen and my small team who worked so hard against a lot of odds. Also, my own eco friendly craft counter, where I make melts, candles, soaps and natural bath fizz, for which I find such joy to share.

I have never been envious of any person, believing that those which inspire us most drive us to succeed. I am encouraged by artists in general, who deserve a voice so very much, a career, in their own rights and power. It’s tough being a creative as this often falls in conjunction with shyness. And I hope I can continue to create new ideas in the hospitality sector and support those less fortunate where able. It’s not all about fakeness and monetary power. It is the circle of life offering a sense of self satisfaction, facing our fears and affording the necessary things in life. Anything extra is a bonus and can be shared. We must listen to the next generation as they are our new empaths and will do things so much better than our current system of agro and chaos.

Creativity is sharing and delegation is satisfying.

Tiffany belle harper

We need to make the most of everything around us, to include good quality waste, all types of food and clothing. To embrace vintage, living within our means, yet, not being afraid to treat ourselves occasionally too. I also did not anticipate having six pets to nurture. I arrived in Blackpool with two! So, it’s all hands-on deck for me. I am currently designing my first small garden. In memory of Dad. I dream plants, shrubs and outdoor wall decals. Less is More.

I want to say to Quartz Inn Hotels I love what you are doing. Never give up. You are a breath of real air. And to any person or collective, facing a challenge. Focus on the positive and remember, condemnation of innocence and aptitude means you are doing something right. Let them talk. Be great and keep going. You are planting lots of trees in exchange for sponsorships. A gap in the market, where small independent businesses with a difference can swim stronger amongst sharks. I want to thank my loyal helper Danielle Robinson, my son James, Stay Blackpool and everyone who worked on the project and did not let me down. Belleva is also proud to be runner up in three further categories.

Always and Thanks, 

Tiffany. X