I want to say Happy Christmas to anybody who is alone. Where this time is like any other day. My nan’s last words were ‘life is sweet’. And for those surrounded by loveliness who dwell on fear. Don’t let the negativity of another or others make you feel miserable. Love is Stronger than Hate. I have had a tough year but remind myself it has been full of lessons and new experiences. I have pushed my boundaries and dealt with everything best I can. I am richer in terms of real life experiences of equality and acceptance.

People are being stalked in their homes by modern day software available to buy online or in the case of money to extend their own accessibility to those who they wish to intrude. Phones are being tracked and women in particular are losing their human rights at the hands of cowards. Look after the vulnerable. Unite against acts of unlawful power and the work of hate and revenge. Light always Wins in the End. To will the control of the another under any circumstances is extreme abuse.

Tiff. X

happy flowers

Lytham Dental Practice are fantastic. The staff there go that extra mile. Sanjiv is just so sweet and caring. Didn’t feel a thing.

Then I got home to another missed parcel via Royal Mail. I now have a stock pile of cards. I lost my passport but found it so I can go to the sorting office. The slabs have arrived for the garden that is no longer a secret. Problem being a few weeks ago my diet consultant listing on Google showed the postcode and despite deleting it quickly the problem found it faster. But anyway here is the mess so far but the contractors are brilliant. I painted Dad’s old benches. Look how over looked I am. However Lytham Timber are making venetian fencing to go on top and some new security gates. I have lived in sheds and vans so this is fine with me and most others, for that matter. When you sleep in a hotel full of strangers and you have neighbours each side who won’t even take a parcel in, you get used to survival.

The reason being here to ‘diary’ is to applaud these flowers for pulling through. They’re actually very gorgeous. Am so grateful as I love flowers about the place. Billy has the sneezes he is still on the mend. My strong little baby kitty. We thought he was an older street cat but I am sure he is still a kitten? Foot stools and magic wand up next. I am getting lots of magic. Together my witchy friends, we can heal most things. Love is stronger than a grudge. Pity them.

Tiff. X

healing for flowers in winter

We can turn off online abuse and intimidation but when it transpires into our personal space at home and/or at work this becomes an extreme form of unnecessary hardship based upon the obsession and control of evil acts. All I can say to those who feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated at the will of another. Things will get better because there is a much bigger platform than the ones we can see around us. help is available. talk to people.

I had an amazing experience yesterday. I went for my walk and talk with strangers. No matter what the weather I put myself into life, even for just a few moments. I saw these flowers on the counter in a black bucket in Tesco Express on Clifton Street in Lytham. That’s where I normally walk at night. I said to the lady on the till (who had such a warm persona), ‘these flowers need some TLC’.

There were two bunches of lilies with cabbage plants and a bunch of carnations. She said I could take them all, as they were out of date and nobody had bought them. I told her I would just take one bunch but she was most adamant I had the lot. So I picked up the lilies then told the younger girl behind me to have the last bunch of carnations. The girl went on to explain they were her favourite flowers and that day her boyfriend had finished with her. That she was struggling. She had tears. I got home and felt a sense of comfort, putting life back into perspective.

We had come to Lytham for privacy which is now impossible due to events from last week involving tech equipment around a private family home and the local vicinity. It is in hand, they have traced the signal to the origin, but the shock of experiencing this is hard to digest at this time. Criminal phycology experts are essential. But it also fuels the fire of the mentally unstable who regard this acceptable. Though fortunately, I am trained in such matters with my volunteer work.

That said, last Saturday I had another amazing experience in the charity shops. I found faith and kindness. One counteracts the other but the frustration of ongoing attention from a very evil entity that spreads fear and hate is ongoing. Modern day Comedy is necessary but unfortunately stolen when it is used to send threats and conflict to the vulnerable as though stuck somewhere in the 1970’s. And with any perpetrator they need validation even if it is not positive. They thrive on attention and phycological warfare. Women, don’t feed the dark but never be silenced. There’s more good out there than bad. I am excited to nurse these flowers to some kind of salvation. Poor things.

Mom’s garden is under way. Despite the weather. We are happy. One day at a time. Deflect the darkness. It’s yuletide. Privelidge is not only monetary. It’s respect, values and conscience on a widespread level. I am a strong person. A daughter to be proud of and a mum of steel. I am a partner of trust and we walk free together. It’s my circle. Never broken. Get on with your lives because air is sweet and snow is pure.

I need to show you the buffalo and sheep foot stools I found soon. Charity is on all our doorsteps. I have the dentist this morning. His name is Sanjiv. He is such a lovely man. I am looking forward to a root filling … (crazy.) But the better news is I get my nails done tomorrow and my tootsies. I may get disheveled but I always look after my nails. It’s the cat or the rat in me.

Tiff. X