Alex Broken Bear and No Interruptions

When we craft, we like peace. It was the same when I designed Belleva. I wanted it all to come together organically. Designing any space is slowing down to find the right collectives to make a room come alive. And then everything must settle together. And I love to create on a shoestring.

It’s been such an amazing journey so far. But the important thing is to avoid negative distractions. Focusing only on our love source. And in this case, it is my closest. And also, my departed dad. But most of all … the pets, who are on the journey with me. We have a new cat that was from a plant pot on Bolton Street. I did not believe he would survive. He was so sick. Found by two of my best friends and nursed 24/7 by another exceptionally special lady from Tender Paws Cat Rescue. He is called Billy and seeing him grow in character has been a joy not to be missed. He had cat flu, wasn’t keeping down his food. He was terrified and broken, but he wanted to live. He has fitted in so well. That was until I put a cat harness on him last weekend and tried to walk him around the garden. It traumatised him. He rolled into a ball and tried to chew it off. We both cried. I think he thought I was taking him away. The dogs panicked which made it worse. We are all so protective of little Billy. He is a house cat, and he lives on a pillow.

I am enjoying my quiet space and time. Yes of course there will always be niggles and problems, such as unwanted attention from the warped and twisted. But we just must stay on course to work, survive and live for the future away from such like.

Each winter I become unwell. I need daylight and privacy. To manifest my energy for the return of spring and stay close to my heart. It works best for us. There are intrusive matters in hand being dealt with that are not pleasant but let’s all send sympathy to those sick minded. The ones who appear the strongest may need medical help most. Get well soon to the applicable. It must be awful to live that way.

Yesterday I bought a natural mohair bear. I saw him in a shop window a few days ago and had to have him. Bears find me. I have a panda, a reiki bear. Neither of which I planned. This one is called Alex and he is grey. When I asked the shopkeeper where the bear had gone, she explained he was in her office as unbeknown to how it happened, his arm had come off. I asked if he was still for sale, and she was mystified as to how I should want a broken bear? I explained being broken made him mine as I rescue animals. So, Alex would fit into my world perfectly. I got him home for £20 instead of £140. Feeling blessed.

Life’s too short to chase things that we are never going to get or to be bitter, jealous or resentful. You just have to let go of hateful thoughts and bad intention. Be more like me and just be happy with what life brings naturally.

The garden work should start next week. Hopefully without any aggravation or unwanted observation. It’s all in the book. Thank God for my journal.

Also, I have been baking a lot. Mushrooms are a good source of Vit D. Just add a load with a couple of veg or chicken stock cubes. Garlic and onions. Either almond or evaporated milk, water as required then blend. It’s YUM!!

Built a bed and gorgeous sofa this week. Must put some pics here when I get the inclination to spend time on the internet. At the moment life is better without the burden. The sun is out and we are happy.

Tiff. X