happy flowers

Lytham Dental Practice are fantastic. The staff there go that extra mile. Sanjiv is just so sweet and caring. Didn’t feel a thing.

Then I got home to another missed parcel via Royal Mail. I now have a stock pile of cards. I lost my passport but found it so I can go to the sorting office. The slabs have arrived for the garden that is no longer a secret. Problem being a few weeks ago my diet consultant listing on Google showed the postcode and despite deleting it quickly the problem found it faster. But anyway here is the mess so far but the contractors are brilliant. I painted Dad’s old benches. Look how over looked I am. However Lytham Timber are making venetian fencing to go on top and some new security gates. I have lived in sheds and vans so this is fine with me and most others, for that matter. When you sleep in a hotel full of strangers and you have neighbours each side who won’t even take a parcel in, you get used to survival.

The reason being here to ‘diary’ is to applaud these flowers for pulling through. They’re actually very gorgeous. Am so grateful as I love flowers about the place. Billy has the sneezes he is still on the mend. My strong little baby kitty. We thought he was an older street cat but I am sure he is still a kitten? Foot stools and magic wand up next. I am getting lots of magic. Together my witchy friends, we can heal most things. Love is stronger than a grudge. Pity them.

Tiff. X