I want to say Happy Christmas to anybody who is alone. Where this time is like any other day. My nan’s last words were ‘life is sweet’. And for those surrounded by loveliness who dwell on fear. Don’t let the negativity of another or others make you feel miserable. Love is Stronger than Hate. I have had a tough year but remind myself it has been full of lessons and new experiences. I have pushed my boundaries and dealt with everything best I can. I am richer in terms of real life experiences of equality and acceptance.

People are being stalked in their homes by modern day software available to buy online or in the case of money to extend their own accessibility to those who they wish to intrude. Phones are being tracked and women in particular are losing their human rights at the hands of cowards. Look after the vulnerable. Unite against acts of unlawful power and the work of hate and revenge. Light always Wins in the End. To will the control of the another under any circumstances is extreme abuse.

Tiff. X