Martyn Joseph – Albert’s Place (Radio 2’s 21st Century Folk)

Martyn Joseph performs his song ‘Albert’s Place’ to the woman who inspired it, Andrea Bell, in the Sunderland foodbank and soup kitchen that she runs. Andrea and her fellow volunteers provide food and hot meals, and help people to find accommodation. Since the cost of living increased sharply, they have noticed a big increase in need. Radio 2’s 21st Century Folk follows five real people as they each have an original song written about them. To hear Andrea’s full story, find 21st Century Folk on BBC Sounds:…

Produced by 7digital for the BBC.

Andrea Bell – Legend. X

Art of ‘Philosophy Meditations’ by my son Ashley Phelps

I welcome pain as it reminds me of my own mortality.

I follow the path of destiny my pure heart leads my way.

Don’t trust others trust yourself follow your heart.

Care for others and your mind will care for you.

Never go too deep into a subject/ field as it’s possible to fall down a hole, it’s much wiser to touch the surface with your intuition.

We were given an intuition for a reason so use it. It’s located in the pineal gland. As humans we have forgotten to use many qualities that our Creator gave us.

God / our Creator giving us life to commit suicide would be a crime against God. When it’s you time it’s your time. Not with fear or threats.

Rhythm comes before everything.

Knowledge is power not money.

Information is a jigsaw piece, put each piece together to see the big picture.

The clues to our past and future higher knowledge can be found within history, music, movies, religion, Philosophy, poetry. God doesn’t communicate with words, he uses the creative process of thought and arts. Unfortunately so does negativity so it’s important to follow the correct information, be careful who and what advice you choose to follow.

Train your brain and your brain will train you.

Poor selfless people who think they are stupid are often more intelligent than a rich selfish person who claims to know everything.

Think with your heart and your brain will follow.

No one is stupid; everyone has a talent and a weakness. A good leader can recognise talent in everyone.

Learn a little Everyday and Knowledge will follow you through life.

Intelligence is the greatest weapon.

Over-confidence is the greatest weakness.

You must believe in yourself before believing in others.

Intuition is the key to Higher Knowledge.

Rhythm is the greatest remedy.

Positive thinking = Good Health.

Own your Mind don’t let it Own you.

Rhythm = Energy = Mass

To be enlightened or not to be enlightened, that is the question.

Collective consciousness is the most powerful force within the universe. If we all believe the world is beautiful and peaceful then it will be.

We are all one race all living in one universe.

Good health is the greatest asset anyone can own.

Never leave a problem unsolved.

A neutral opinion is the most valuable form of advice.

A sub conscious mind is more knowledgeable than a conscious mind.

Try to keep your mind young to achieve your desires.

Worrying is a waste of time.

To follow a curriculum will only take you so far, to become self taught you can go all the way.

If you can’t solve a problem immediately put it to the back of your mind to pick up later.

If the same piece of information comes from two or more sources it’s often true

History leaves a blueprint for the future.

Don’t judge others judge yourself.

Intelligence is unmeasurable.

Television Media is man’s worst invention.

Let your mind flow, don’t let it become concrete.

Never let imagination swell up.

Look after the earth and earth will look after us.

Always think outside of the box only go back into the box when you have the answer.

Truth will always win the marathon in the end it just jogs at a slower pace. Lies sprint at the start of the marathon and eventually they tire out and come last.

Television is humanities worst teacher.

Knowledge is built upon nostalgia.

The largest library in the world is the internet.

Happiness is the Frequency of Heaven.

Power to the People.

God our Creator has the power now I just give him a hand. ( my left hand. )

God/ our Creator is with us all he lives In the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is very powerful force of nature.

Over the past 5000 years we have inadvertently created a sub world with our collective subconscious mind and it’s unbalanced. We need to stop creating and imagining negative characters as a collective whole.

If we imagine horror (e.g. movies, baddies in film) we create Horror. When I sleep I see the flaws of human imagination. That’s why the world needs positive beliefs to create positive imaginations.

The human race is a collective species information travels without the need to write it down.

Ignore your credit rating, follow your heart-beat, money can’t buy health and you certainly can’t take it with you.

If you ever feel like you’re not succeeding in contentment, try a different path.

Observing how Mother Nature works and animals survive is one of the greatest sources of knowledge.

War usually involves a rich old man sending poor young men to either kill or be killed. Peace involves young men helping old men. Peace should be the way of life.

It’s true we do need money ( security ) to survive but having too much is a route to evil as the history books clearly demonstrate.

Doing anything to excess or too little can eventually be bad for you. Even with Art, I don’t focus on one particular area of art I like to do a bit of everything Music, draw, philosophy, photography and etc. Then I will jump into history or just switch off completely – it’s all about balance.

An Expert is just someone who claims to know everything. A Wiseman is someone who claims to know nothing.

Acknowledge the past and live in present and the future will take care of itself.

My weakness is listening to music but it’s a good weakness to have.

The best thing to believe in, is yourself.

Don’t plan just do it.

We are all masters of our own fate.

Within intuition you will find your higher self – the most difficult bit is learning to trust your intuition.

Train your mind to let go of the body and trust your soul.

Children have a higher spiritual Knowledge than adults.

An enemy is a figment of imagination

I’m not scared of my adversary I find them laughable and pathetic. In a weird way I feel sorry for their stupidity and lack of higher knowledge.

Rise above your competitor / adversary’s feed from the surface – don’t sink to their level and become a bottom feeder.

Don’t worry about greedy bankers and corrupt politicians, as the future already has a plan to deal with them effectively.

The greatest form of ownership is giving.

My family may think I’m stupid we will let the history books decide.

The key to life is happiness it opens many doors.

I only see beauty in the soul, I don’t find lots of make up attractive as people who wear make up are probably trying to hide something.

If you have self love you don’t need to look like the fake celebrities in the magazines.

Before one can help others,  first they must learn to help themselves.

Victory is a destination, just decide on the path and it will always be in sight.

The word failure doesn’t exist it’s a figment of imagination.

Planning your life enters you into the life of the current system, following destiny allows you to follow your soul purpose. Don’t plan to go to a particular shop or destination take walk ( mindless stroll ) and when you feel the impulse of your intuition, enter with your free will.

The ancient ancestors had a Higher Knowledge than us because they thought with their hearts. Even today many people still don’t know how they did it ( look at their engineering marvels look how they built pyramids )

The heart is our primary organ the brain just relays what the heart desires.

Im not scared of death as the soul lives on, I just hope it happens after I have defeated all evil In this world.

Money is the root of all evil. Banks are false temples that govern the world through media manipulation. People can lend money to each other without the use of a 3rd party, and instead of relying on media have a conversation with another soul instead.

Everyone has an equal part to play in life.

Wealth is found in the soul not your bank account.

A Fair Democracy has no Leader, it should be carried out on a round table and everyone should be part of the circle.

I don’t predict the future, I maintain to live in the present, when I acknowledge history it allows me not to make repetitive mistakes. Repeating mankind’s errors is the biggest mistake anyone can make. Make history your book of worship, it’s all there to read, learn from past lives. Don’t believe everything in history just let you soul decide what’s right and wrong. You will never know where you’re going if you don’t know where you have been.

Communicate with nature and it will speak back.

I was given this life I didn’t choose it.

The greatest lesson isn’t science, math’s, religion, English it’s Life’s Lesson. They ( the current system which will soon not exist ) will never teach you that at school, you have to teach yourself.

The SOUL is found within the heart the MIND in the brain let your BODY decide who to follow. Think of your body as a mobile phone cover/ protector that changes over time its the internal dynamics which matter.

Philosophy is the foundation for every subject.

The best way to solve a problem is to keep things simple.

No one has control/power over any other people, people have the power within them, they just need to find it and believe in it. Evil is the only thing to will harm. Karma never ignores such attacks on the innocent.

An army doesn’t define you as a leader, it’s knowledge. Don’t lead others lead yourself.

Read with your intuition not your brain. Your intuition will always remember what you need to learn.

Don’t judge a person by the body (book by the cover) it’s the soul (word content) that matters.

We can all perceive a perfect world, you just have to know where to look.

Don’t assume we know everything about nature, try to think nature knows everything about us.

Before money existed we lived with nature and nature lived with us. Many monasteries/temples around the world lived harmoniously with nature, without money.

Rivers, wind and sun create power through turbines and solar power not money, plants/ Mother Earth give us food not money. Clean rivers provide water not money. Music and positive thinking heals, not money all we have to do is give each other the love we all deserve and that’s priceless.

Less is more

The richest man is the one who is at peace with his own mind.

Materialism is a false religion.

No one should tell another what to believe in they should just believe in themselves.

Kindness rewards the pure soul, money, ambitions reward the ego. Most egos are a false realisation.

It’s common to believe we all speak different languages and follow different religions, when actually we all speak the same language and have the same souls.

Make patience your ally as intelligence needs time.

Confidence originates from happiness.

Power comes from the heart 

Ashley Phelps – December 2022❤️