for women. I say bring back the man slap.

I have history. A lot of it. But I have never slept around. don’t need to. i am a kinky, classy thing in my own right. my right. Yeah, I made a few mistakes when I was learning all about life. A life that until recently, has not needed shelter from tech and abuse.

At the age of 13 I was on the back of motorbikes without a helmet. It killed my parents, as I would vanish for weeks. I even managed to hitchhike around Europe, at the age of 16. Good cheese, bread, red wine. I sent the odd postcard. I was the only girl allowed on the runs with the bikers. In those days, any bloke who hurt a woman’s feelings without due cause, got a right bad hard slap. So, therefore they didn’t even dare to hurt the feminine, to include Mothers, Daughters and the one, the bomb, The Missus.

Today’s world of technology is a haven for stalkers and cowards. And I am sick of hearing about abuse, harm, mental torture, cruelty and control over women, in the virtual dimension which leads to real invasion in our own spaces. And it is the ones who so falsely claim to fight our corner, that throw the most stones with their talk, money, back handed tech and bullshit.

Nobody is responsible for the way any of us feel. Get out there and get over it. Grow up and live your own world. Cos taking someone else’s is something you never really own. Faith. Faith in God. Our very existence and in so many forms, beyond all comprehension. Why do humans blame the purest source of infinity for their own misgivings and mistakes. Deal with your own shit and be a real man. Women don’t need anymore torture. Anywhere. We always get home. I call upon the UK Government for more transparency and less tolerance toward stalking and abuse. The onset of harm.

Tiffany. X