Misjudgement and Hurtful Friendship. Socialism should never tell you to be silent by Tiffany Belle Harper

In life I believe we all may go through a metamorphosis, where unnatural circumstances can change our approach to many things. And these last months I have felt a great deal of inner turmoil and change, because I was not in control of events. And during such, often feeling despair, we delve into our core values, and we may turn to learn, research, contemplate. And nobody really knows how even the smallest of pitfalls can affect our mental health,when under duress. 

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I am not of any political firm belief. I have always remained free in my thoughts, believing it is about individuals, as opposed to an entire party, for which will always be divided in one way or another. And when I say I am a socialist, I perceive this to be an acceptance of many aspects of a person. I myself have never wanted to be of huge wealth, particularly not a kept woman, in search of a comfort blanket. Love is more than that to me. I lead a humble life. I thrive in one room, and I am surrounded by sentiment and a sense of self nurtured ambience. Yeh, I enjoy good food, a nice meal out – but even that may become taken for granted if becoming too much of a thing. There’s nothing more romantic than baking at home.

To me socialism should mean equality in that we share in ways where no other person feels helpless. It does not mean that a person should NOT be successful. That’s just ridiculous. We should want the best possible life for our children and encourage them to be their greatest self. Because life is pretty miserable in the confinements of mainstream media and bleak daily news, which can all too often over throw our own change of self contentment and higher survival. Just look at some of the crap out there and work on how much better you can do than the vapid system often dictates.

I don’t like the word ‘asylum’ it is a demining word. I am in favour of ‘settler.’ I grew up in Birmingham, have lived in Leeds and then turned to Blackpool, and during these times did not reside in any affluent suburbs. I was in with the community. And I thrive with people who have a story to tell. Who have experienced suffering. And great people are international beings that may land in any country to bring their best to that table. But these are my personal experiences. And how can I expect anyone to know about my journey or ‘me theirs.’ We cannot judge a person or their views by their social presence alone. That’s biased and prejudice. It is true, we think people know us, but they are quick to turn their backs, despite the fact they’ve never walked in your shoes. So choose your friends wisely, because, ego won’t piss on a fire.

To put people in small boats in perilous conditions and send them away, where these souls sincerely believe they are on route to find a new and better life, is just cruel. And we don’t know who is crossing our borders. Yes, we do need our professionals to support the work force in the UK and everywhere else. Migration does need to flow without division and harm. But what we don’t need is for innocent people (to include children) drowning in the ocean and of heat exhaustion in the back of lorries, at the hands of people smugglers. And if this opinion offends those, who I have in the past looked up to and supported. Where I am often ignored and shunned despite making great efforts. You are not worth it anyway. I come from an okay place, and I am entitled to my opinion. One of which I may add, is sincere and my basic human right. I don’t get paid or applauded, I dig for pennies just like most other working-class people.

I am very proud that I am what I have earned myself and do not expect any type of support regarding finance. Since I honour my liberated outlook to all women who want to be in the workplace. Love is about sharing, giving and offering mental support. And most of all to trust one another. 

Freedom of speech is not to all agree – it is to debate and have empathy. It is to live alongside one another regardless of differing views and opinions. To have meaningful discussions is healthy and can be hugely passionate. I would never dream of telling me sons about how to think. I learn from them, and I enjoy they are free spirited thinkers. We should use our social platforms, blogs and any other means of our privileges for use of self-expression, particularly during the difficult times in our lives. Because when we feel silenced, we become soulless. This is wrong, since our spirit to communicate is our very essence of being in a free society. 

You must walk a hundred steps in the shoes of another before you make hurtful assumptions, because some people are more sensitive than others. We all have a place in our societies. 

I have realised how precious our privacy is. When you lose it at the hands of injust and invasive criminal activity (in my case from a stalker with money) you also lose your dignity and trust in the good things. And it’s a cold place to live. 

I recently had time with a counsellor, since I have not been in a good mindset, due to the months of physiologic abuse, which no being is born to cope with. And part of my recovery was to go back to the places that triggered bad memories. One of which was Twitter (since that is where the hate campaign kicked off ten years ago.) I am proud I was able to have the courage to be myself and tweet as though nobody was watching. It has been a good healing process.

The other is to ‘live like nobody is watching.’ Since if you are constantly aware of a predator they have won. I am yet to get around that one, but I am trying. the loss of my cat for which he vanished. I don’t expect any person to grasp how my heart is broken. I just have to deal with it. There’s people worst off but it’s fair to say. I am feeling sorry for myself. Fine. I have to get better, I have two kids and a few pets that need me.

As for my book, it’s just an account of my own journey and who inspired me along the way.

Be Kind


Clarity by Tiffany Belle Harper.

Do any of you ever consider turning off your 5G and unplugging the web from your private space for an hour or a week. Imagine a world without intrusion or bias. Imagine a spell of time without complications and bad news.

Gaining freedom to use a charitable heart. To find causes close by, instead of a like or a share on a social platform.

And what about how, without those invisible frequencies travelling through your space, the air would seem clearer and thoughts gain clarity.

We can write letters, ask a neighbour to pass on a message. We can trust the birds to spread our unspoken fears. We can pray, meditate, write thoughts and memoirs by hand. We can be free of nosey minds, bad intentions and negative energies. In turn our entire surroundings become our own vibe. Trueness, love, hope and a worthy solitude.

We can live, for those moments in peace. Where fact is not fiction. Where life is not fear and where seeds become flowers of design, innovation and all things lovely.

We can go for a walk, spend time in the garden. Many ways to escape momentarily. But the home is our cave. Let’s clear the way for Spring. The stagnancy of winter. The place where we manifest our roots to stand solid against all storms. Stronger. Wiser. Awake. A clear Conscience.

To trust in Karmic Law – that one day, each one of us stand before. We can dowse with sage, sticks and incense. To remove all we do not require in a liberated and free society. One day we will all be free of sabotage, rape and forced invasion.

Tiffany. X