Clarity by Tiffany Belle Harper.

Do any of you ever consider turning off your 5G and unplugging the web from your private space for an hour or a week. Imagine a world without intrusion or bias. Imagine a spell of time without complications and bad news.

Gaining freedom to use a charitable heart. To find causes close by, instead of a like or a share on a social platform.

And what about how, without those invisible frequencies travelling through your space, the air would seem clearer and thoughts gain clarity.

We can write letters, ask a neighbour to pass on a message. We can trust the birds to spread our unspoken fears. We can pray, meditate, write thoughts and memoirs by hand. We can be free of nosey minds, bad intentions and negative energies. In turn our entire surroundings become our own vibe. Trueness, love, hope and a worthy solitude.

We can live, for those moments in peace. Where fact is not fiction. Where life is not fear and where seeds become flowers of design, innovation and all things lovely.

We can go for a walk, spend time in the garden. Many ways to escape momentarily. But the home is our cave. Let’s clear the way for Spring. The stagnancy of winter. The place where we manifest our roots to stand solid against all storms. Stronger. Wiser. Awake. A clear Conscience.

To trust in Karmic Law – that one day, each one of us stand before. We can dowse with sage, sticks and incense. To remove all we do not require in a liberated and free society. One day we will all be free of sabotage, rape and forced invasion.

Tiffany. X

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