The Cyclical Feminine with Masculine and The Love Nest

I have been on a good journey and it is blissful. Thing is when we find our inner peace, we can often close the doors to retain that sense of abundance. But there always must be some kind of focus. That said it is not a sin to be content with self.

I have opened my heart chakra here in Lytham. Mainly to feel a sense of universal connectivity, as life can take us all off track and we need to get back to center. We are not floating souls, we are for now, mortal bodies. And those who are awake will be feeling a sense of contentment that requires almost total submission. Trying to resist such deep and energetical changes will only dislodge the current movement with time and evolvement that cannot be avoided. And everything we do, say, visualize and fantasise contributes to this higher frequency portal that is essential to Earth.

Animals feel it most. They change with the weather and moon cycle. Speaking of which I have spoken to a friend. Her name is Georgie and she does my nails. A wise young girl and we got talking about the moon and the cyclical well-being of women. Georgie hit on something I myself believe in but often I keep my spiritual pondering to myself. She said that women should be permitted to be quiet during Autumn and Winter. To manifest for Spring and Summer. That our entire perspective of the calendar as we know it, is very wrong. We both agreed that all our routine is created by history and men. Women were even told to lie on their backs to have children so the perspective Father could see the birth with ease.

It was once told the new year starts with Spring. The real time we celebrate life with the new birth of nature. The season of brightness and growth. Then as winter approaches everything falls back to earth to rest and prepare for another cycle. I have always said this. And as I have become older, for Autumn and Winter I crave privacy and to be loved. We can feel that love transmit to others and it comes back by return for brighter months. In turn the world becomes better for the women who have been quiet with the cold.

Although this last winter my natural cycle was thrown into utter disarray as a result of unnatural and unnecessary circumstances. It does make me wish women could lose all technology for half of the year. To retain our peace and feel nurtured. But we can by choice, to let our trusted and appointed counterparts take care of us. And when I say that I refer to ‘by our own choice’ and not control of fascism. The Vampire Syndrome, when you get a person who has told him/her ‘self’ they are permitted to invade what is not their right or place to do so.  

When Spring arrives, I am the one that wants to nurture. To nurture and manifest my immediate surroundings and to cultivate the simple things with ease of finance and less burden to meet too many human demands. And in a muse type fashion I yearn for just one person to focus on.  As this is how the heart chakra opens. To have a kindred spirit. And it is a woman’s right to organically entice her flame for the sacred time she manifests in her highest power with his loyalty. When that balance feels right, great changes can collectively take place around not only Earth but the Solar System.

Some of us believe in Angels. Angels are a term for light, guidance, and absolute love. The realms have no ego, no state of power and no end. It is a condition of absolute harmony. Some may call it Utopia and with the right karmic Earth balance, we can tap into this source. But it is important for such people who are awake, to protect their open chakras, for they are brave to share. The wrong energy can invade such innocence. But do not worry. One day they must pay it all back, as they raped the absolute of what was not rightfully theirs. Love is given by agreement, by travel of intention and it is the most pleasurable thing to experience.

We must always ensure those we want and love the most are rewarded by return. To find a balance of comfort. Great universal change is taking place and it has a healing magnet that can pave the way forward for the new star seeds. Let go of all that is no longer necessary or required. New doors open. Change is good for the foreseeable. New Love is Here. To be great is to pioneer positive change and be focused in health and a happy heart alongside all projects. And women need love in the dark to give men such love in the light. The masculine and feminine can be found within all of us.

I have created a little summer house that has made me happy. I have felt inspired and thankful. Next up to do a bit in my bedroom with colour. So, connected to teal, pastel blue and velvet. I am open to change and new directions. We can travel light leaving all behind us, but it is the taking part that counts. To enjoy being in the moment. To create space that feeds our sense to nurture. This is not solitude this is heaven to me. I love with all my heart. And I do not fear new beginnings, nor do I hold on to the past. So be done and be gone to those who have crossed me. I hold no grudges. I wish you but well. To be as content as I am.

Of recent months I processed then released some anger toward people I trusted, who did not stand up for what they witnessed. Who I thought had left me to suffer knowing what was going on? But the truth was they did not want to address such darkness. Because that is what evil wants. Attention. But to be honest, I could not have stood back if faced with the same set of circumstances. That said the abuse was carried out so indirectly, how does anyone catch a coward in his playground.

There are however, no hard feelings to the good people who I know this has also affected. It’s been tough and I think many of us have witnessed first hand, pure evil spiraling out of control. Bitterness and resentment are portals to bullying and abuse. And being a parent, I often ask myself how children should learn about kindness, diversity, and acceptance collectively. To be better than much of the current system. But then I am not here to save the world. I have no voice. But what I do give is my truth. And it is not about quantity in my world. It is about quality and the right messengers will use that well. I will go where I am meant to be. And my heart is for one.  

Change is Life. Change can be together. To work with our own core values will attract the right true and authentic real love, that will remain and gain strength, dispelling bad intention and invasive methods. So to the real friends of this Earth have courage. Because love is everything and a woman is to be of value, as during her peace will come your best assets. Adorn the feminine, embrace the equilibrium. For when women are no longer valued amongst men, the world will become only disaster.

Each Monday for the lighter months, I will post here and now and again, of course. I love to share music,design and photography. But I do know I need to write more. It’s all been a crazy time. But good things came. I am so thankful for that. To be reassured not all is bad. And that is how I was beginning to think in the mindset. I was terrorized and found enough trust to live again. Like never before.

Evil has no place near to me.

Peace and Love.

Tiffany. X