About Me

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I am Tiffany and I have been adding bits ‘here and there’ since 2014.

I am 57 and I am not going to age gracefully. I will rebel against injustice and speak out for those who are voiceless. I hate bullying, lies and stealing.

I am a mother and a proud one. I have 3 dogs that live with us and 2 cats I share with my son. Also, two guinea pigs. Plus, I have adopted several seagulls. Our most recent baby is ‘Billy Pumpkin’ who was left for dead in a plant pot on Bolton Street. He survived and we are inseparable. Watching him fight for his life put so much into perspective. A part of me was once that unloved thing in a plant pot. I have been to hell and back. Life experiences define who we become.

I live on the Fylde Coast (West of England). I do my best to avoid people who gossip or have bad intention. I enjoy being around others who teach me new tricks. I have had my problems but a lot I bring on myself, because I love variety and adventure.

I have a small Victorian Villa Hotel in Blackpool (est. 1892.) A huge learning curve. Very magical, quirky. Light. Love, comfort. Relaxation zone. I formerly leased a bed and breakfast that taught me much about survival. During that time I experienced a great deal of hardship. But also some very happy memories.

I make gorgeous wax melts with the finest ingredients. I am fully licensed to craft and sell my own range of eco soaps and bath fizz (I am going to make more soon). It’s been a busy summer. I craft more in the darker months. My melts are the best in the world (I think so …) I lead a pretty sustainable life. Keeping it simple. I do reiki, preferably on animals, because they are more responsive to healing. They want to be fixed. I do like nice presents. I am a sentimental being. Everything around has a story. Shells. Stones. Crystals. Driftwood. Cards. Chimes. Means the world. The thought matters most.

Currently busy with a new design project for my family. It’s all over the place.

Love interior styling, writing, baking, street photography, dining out, nature. Buy too much junk. Most ‘happy self’ wandering around Blackpool with my housekeeper. Go to bed when I want. Get up when I feel like it. Absolutely no routine whatsoever, but I work very hard and always have plenty to do. (I am writing this at 2.30am.)

I dislike TV soaps and Metallica music. Love Jazz and Trip Hop. I have no time for racists and homophobics. Like to step back and see both sides to a dilemma. I hate braggers. Actions speak louder than words. Plus, I become disappointed when women become jealous of one another when we should rise and stand together. I am not a grass, but don’t expect me to show you any respect if you shit on my doorstep.

Never been interested in the business of others. My bucket list is too long to waste time with negative mindsets (on or off line). That said, I love to get involved with fundraising and worthy causes. Just ask. Here to help any kind of positive progress. Never approached any organisation to win awards or prizes. Any bravado that may appear is not my intention. I have lived in many towns and cities. I seldom leave a trail and I don’t need a fanfare, likes, follows or payouts. I do what feels right for my conscience and closest.

I trust in the universe and have always followed my soul purpose. I have faith. I am awake. Try my best and I give far more to life than I take. Sad everyone seems to walk around with a mobile phone in their pocket. It will not bring you happiness. Just walk free from any other connections other than the chemistry of strangers. Essential to all of us. The energy of our natural life force.

Make the most of your life and be kind. We are born alone and we die alone. Don’t be bitter. Clear your heads of all that rubbish, because nobody is perfect. We just have to try our best and be thankful for each day we have the privilege of waking up. The rest of me is private. I turn down a lot of opportunities. Consistently true to myself and my heart. I like who I am. Passionate. Never bored.

Tiff. X

P.S. I want to go to Tenby. I don’t now why? It just looks nice and there’s puffins there. Intrigued …