About Me

Hello, I am Tiffany Belle Harper  – perpetual daydreamer.

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Since losing my Nan when I was seven, I’ve learned we can connect on many different levels around the world and indeed ‘universe.’ We are able to do this by opening our hearts to the frequencies of love in all its forms. Life is very beautiful – also, a lesson and it can be our toughest. Despite many hurdles, I embrace the colourful situations, during my own ‘unique’ pathway.

We are all leaving our blue-prints. TBH©

I love art. Although I’m no connoisseur –  I respect those who create and use their natural ability. I’ve a little online group too, named BellEva where I try to involve others from around the world, in my spare time. (There’s a link to it on my menu above.)

I write a lot, I’m not a grammatical wizard, I just enjoy my expression, for which emanates from my heart. I am currently writing a book about my life, which talks about abuse and resolve. Together with life’s little adventures!

At the end of 2009, I nearly lost my life after being victim to a frenzied attack. Then, I went on to experience emotional abuse as a volunteer and fundraiser, every day (for many years) via social media – having an equally damaging effect, not just on me, but also friends and family. Yet, against all odds, I stood in my power and will continue to do so in the real world. I come from ‘love‘.

I enjoy photography and recording film snippets of my pathway for which incorporate Gaia (Mother Nature) towns and cities, together with fascinating people.

I am a nester – I love to produce colour and texture with crafty essences in rooms and spaces. I also enjoy cooking for friends. It’s the nicest way to share.

I have a small circle of friends who love me. Three adorable dogs, two cats and two grown up sons, for which i’m proud. When I love, I do so unconditionally. Trust is a big thing for me and it’s about give and take. We should never take anyone for granted. I work hard to make those in my life feel special and loved. Although, in the past it left me depleted – when I realised I was mixing in the wrong circles. This has now changed. I’m awake …

I am also a campaigner and activist –  I visit various causes and help out where I can. I have my faults, we all do – but I suppose my greatest strength is, I always tell the truth and I prefer to meet people face to face who may have a view that differs from mine. I dislike (but never hate) bullies, gossiping and liars. These types have no benefit to my soul purpose. Fortunately, most people are adorable.

Tiffany Belle Harper.