About Me

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I am Tiffany and I have been adding bits ‘here and there’ since 2014. Moving from Warwickshire to Leeds, I embarked on a fresh journey of self-validation which incorporated travel, writing, photography, and design. It wasn’t to make money, but more so to use my soul purpose, which all too often people let go to waste. I had also suffered from the most extreme violent assault in my own home towards the end of 2009 – leaving me too unwell to get out and about for some years. so i eventully turned to tech and setting up websites for charity and animal causes. I abhor violence, both physical and mental. We should never be silenced.

During my recovery, I squandered some of those years spending too much time on social media which really held me back, realising actions speak louder than idle minds and words. June 2018, I found myself in Blackpool with a 5-year lease running a bed and breakfast. Selling my small terrace in Burley (Leeds) I decided to invest on the same street (St Chads Road) assuming, I had another 3 long years working crazy hours as a proprietor, running a bar, plus cooking and cleaning, I have embraced every challenge. Not to mention, raising a baby seagull for over two of those years. Sadly, he does not come to Belleva. I suppose we have to all find some kind of acceptance in life. That said, most of the ‘residents out the front’ seem quite nice. Yet, I absolutely love the alley ways. I come alive when roaming the back streets by myself, especially at night. Behind the prom where the salt air can be corrosive. Everything stripped bare. But it still looks beautiful. It is real life. Regardless of wealth or poverty. It all looks the same and the seagulls own their land. It’s their natural waste ground. Our rubbish.

Around the same time as losing my father, during June 2021, I managed to break away from the leasehold Bed and Breakfast, moving into my own Guest House (Belleva) over the road. You could not imagine how different the atmosphere is being stuck in the middle of a street, as opposed to near one end. It’s like having your dirty laundry hung up on a flashing lamp post and it has taken a lot of readjustment. It is weird how the mechanics of human nature change according to whether they live opposite you, next door or out of sight. I personally live out the back (in a cute apartment) so I don’t witness as much of the daily talk, as it would affect my emotional health. None of it has ever interested me. I have enough going on as it is!

I have lived on St Chads Road for almost four years, and it has been the biggest lesson of my life, to date. It is a lovely street with much potential and some great venues. I do love the community and get out on the pavements/prom most days too. Taking pics of the real South Shore, for which I have fallen in love. I am one of the rough and ready. Real people. A complete stranger may unfold a message, fable or parable we need to hear. And those who seem most lost often have the best insights. Awake. Shamanic. The wise walk free from small minded madness. There’s a parallel line with snobbery and ignorance – often deriving from vengeful gossip, where the victim is absent. Until Legal Action is served as a means to diffuse the hysteria and misapprehension, which can often seem endless to the target.

It’s a funny kind of personal knowledge to explain here – a bit like quantum. I am not looking to make shit loads of money. It does not matter that much. Happiness is something much bigger. And my youngest son has taken the brunt of a lot of back lash both directly and otherwise. He is such a righteous person and so loved by his Leeds community for all he does so freely. I am ashamed of some of my neighbours. Yet I realise they have no idea what they do. Humans can be like that.

Belleva is open from Friday to Tuesday. Four days a week. Belleva House had not previously traded since 2014 and is now an Adult Only (double room or suite) small business. And the younger adult guests at Belleva have much better manners, I must add. I learn so much from their unique outlooks and opinions.

Belleva House Blackpool is full of love and romantic styling. Each little bit of artefact tells its own story. I am so proud of how far I have come from the edge of death. And wherever I live will be a nest of truth and revelation. I love junk. I love to salvage, and I adore to push buttons with a smile. It is my life, and you only get one here in this mortal body so enjoy it or fuck off. I am a wiser person, since I used to think most people were fine. Now I realise we should use trust very selectively. Yet despite all this, I love my guests. It won’t always go well (I know that) but so far … I have got off lightly. When strangers stay in your home and your home is a part of you, you feel every presence so vividly. It enriches the soul. And that’s what keeps us going.

The place was very run down, and the interior/exterior has been virtually reconstructed. Most of this took place during lockdown and I lost a season of ‘forecast trading’ last year, officially opening at the latter of August instead of April 2021. Losing my dad was a huge blow to all the family. In turn organising the entire ethos of who we are and our new roles in life. Dad was so very much our mentor. Always so kind and wise. His ashes are now in our bedroom. We are at our most vulnerable when love slips away and this is when we find out who our friends truly are and make new ones who understand the circumstances. And indeed our pets become our teddy bears. Where would we be without the fluffy gang (I have 5 pets). The cats for which I share with my youngest son. And another fur kid who lives in Leamington named Shnuggles. He is a feral who lives with my eldest son who recently adopted a hedgehog too. (We are a slightly eccentric, mixed bunch).

My Dad aged 82

I have thoroughly enjoyed using my design skills with Belleva House in Blackpool. Not feeling restrained by rivalry or restrictions. But more so using the life craft I have acquired throughout the last few years. To include homelessness, abuse, and psychological bullying. Alongside bliss, nature, good food and drink, plus many interesting souls both on this side and the other. Being an authentic and free-spirited person can bring out the best or worst in others.

But this does mean we are doing our light work. We are healing the loathing and fear of the unknown on many levels.

And when people cross our paths who later form resentment towards us, that is their choice how they choose to handle their own short falls. We either aspire or we resent. I am blessed with some loyal friends in Lancashire and all over the place. But it is hard to remain consistent, since all my life I have moved about. I think this is the longest I have ever lived on one street, to be honest! And yes, I am restless. I love to learn by my own mistakes and new direction. I do not fear change or adventure.

I am not rich. I could never be, as I am socialist, where I believe every person who contributes should receive a reward. It is about teamwork combined with empathy. But also, giving back and I will be honest, many have taken the piss. They know who they are.

I am a bit of a loner. I enjoy ‘me’ time, but I am never lost. Although I do hate being bored. I can fill my time with a back log from my bucket list. I am happy in my heart with a like minded man who will always remain personal to me. And if others wish to discuss this, you should perhaps ask him his thoughts first, so you have a fair judgment of our chosen personal business.

I do hope you have a kind and peaceful day, being true to yourselves, whilst shining a healthy outlook from your own aspirations, ideas, and originality that come from within your own true purpose.

Thank You.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

All this and much more is in two books that I have written and in safe keeping for when they can merge into one. If I don’t finish this project someone else will. So, either way, it will all become apparent. No regrets. And thank you Blackpool for giving me a home to be proud of you beyond my own walls. God Bless You.