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Belleva Tea

I buy herbs and flowers already prepared and packed in the UK for human consumption, to make my own loose tea and natural tea bags. This is also a rapid and effortless way to enhance up your food cupboards and shelves with these flowery/earthy tones and textures in glass jars! Makes for a boho touch […]

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Sunday – My Seagull – Crafting – Diary

Here’s a few pics taken with my phone of this week. The beach is now chaotically busy which to me is a shame if I am honest. The sea may no longer be blue and they are throwing a lot of rubbish on the sand which ends up in the ocean poisoning the wildlife and […]

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Busy Bee … by Tiffany Belle Harper

This week been here and there with things, it’s been beautiful so far – please continue happy vibes! I have crafted the sweetest little melts. I did not realise you can actually up-cycle used wax too if you keep to certain temperatures. So these are actually up-cycled melts! I have been oggling my prints, they […]

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