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About Me by Melanie

Do you live alone? No. I always have company unless I don’t want it. I am lucky, the kids next door come stay over sometimes too. They’re full of life and hugely free-spirited – often reminding me what laughter is. My staff chill with me and my family are often close. I’ve got four pets […]

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coconut dessert with friends

I have just by chance stumbled on the most amazing dish I’ve ever created! coconut milk quality muesli sultana’s soft honey ground almonds topped with summer fruits Just add what you want from each and mix. Serve cold. Gosh it’s gorgeous! Tiff. X

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bit of Leeds – West Yorkshire

Roundhay Park in Leeds – West Yorkshire is such a beautiful place of natural charm. It’s a great area to visit. There’s a strip of restaurants in Roundhay – all with outdoor seating/terraces. Much of Yorkshire is full of leafy suburbs. Leeds is a multi-cultural city and everyone gets on. There’s such a good vibe […]

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Healthy and Affordable Baking at Home #vegan and #vegetarian snacks and meals

My next book is going to be a little cook book sharing some of my favourite recipes that are easy to prepare and cost very little. I will be telling you about some great juices and dressings too! It will probably be next year as I am working on something new but I have always […]

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sexy living

Iced Tea

They sell iced tea and coffee as an ‘aritsan’ choice – so don’t throw your cold tea and coffee away – stick some ice in it and pour into vintage crystal. TBH©  

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craftiness and happiness = love #diary

The perfect week. I’ve done a lot of writing – together with research for my next nest project. Love exposed walls. Subtle factory lighting, ‘brights’ mixed with amber. White smooth ceilings. Natural oak cladding. All this finished with hand spun metal chairs and matching table bases. Jam jars full of condiments with kraft labels tied […]

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