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Massive Attack – Protection – The Remixes – Trip Hop

Ageless – Timeless. I don’t often show bias with music but here is my favourite fix. Massive Attack. I raised all my family with trip hop and it still resonates more than anything. Music never fades – it just gets stronger. It stays with time and it stays with the future. We all need music. […]

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essential oils for candles and soaps – few useful tips

We can use essential oils in burners or misters. We can use them diluted for well-being and health. Each has their own unique smell and own properties. I believe it’s  often what we are drawn to – at the moment I love sandal-wood or cedar-wood which connect us with the higher energies – also we […]

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setting up small biz – support – friendship

We are going in literally ten minutes for our daily exercise so this is rushed but if I don’t write it now I won’t bother later. Setting up a small biz for the future in this current ‘climate’ is terrifying on all levels. It is fine for those who are financially stable to give a […]

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