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I will call her Ditsy

I used to design, sell and import mannequins by the container load. I was one of the first people to introduce the plus size mannequins to the UK. They all used to be a size 6. Now the average shop mannequin is a size 12. I sold most types of dummies and used to get […]

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Light Burst of Pure Love by Tiffany Belle Harper

    Love is everything. Love is unconditional. Love does not make demands or have expectations. Love is family. Love is our tribe. Love is life. Love matters more than anything. To focus on our hearts and to keep our circles in attunement with absolute universal love – however we choose to see ‘the pure’ […]

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The Nester – St Chad’s Road – Blackpool

Well apart from falling in and out of my other work, trying to run a bed and breakfast (with not much experience.) Nursing a bug (I caught from my son when he visited last month), not helped by my exposure to authentic Victorian dust at The Nester.) Together with watching old movies on you tube, […]

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