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Massive Attack – Blue Lines Mix Master 2012 – Playlist (YouTube) Trip Hop (Jazzy funky – soulful)

hare with me some Massive Attack. The heart of music gone by to this day. Trip Hop or ‘New Age’ what ever – it’s soul food to me for so many reasons

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Massive Attack – Protection – The Remixes – Trip Hop

Ageless – Timeless. I don’t often show bias with music but here is my favourite fix. Massive Attack. I raised all my family with trip hop and it still resonates more than anything. Music never fades – it just gets stronger. It stays with time and it stays with the future. We all need music. […]

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The Cheeky Ones having Fun on Bin Day – Seagulls by Tiffany Belle Harper,

Look at these beautiful creatures. Each has their own personality. They soar across the skies hunting in packs for food. They share their discoveries. They call one another to eat our waste. Observe how some of these bin liners have been thrown out for the bin people in flimsy bags. Seagulls really do believe they […]

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