To Mom. Love Ash. Life’s Determinations. X

Life has it’s up and downs we all go through them ( eventually ) its inevitable, visually its looks like a line (life line) graph with a beginning and an end with dips and bumps in-between. 

You can’t measures one’s success by money, fortune and assets and how it drove them through the up times in their life. Success its measured by how one handles the commitment to carry on through the tough times when you’re down and low on the (life line) graph this is when self determination becomes key. You must be committed towards survival before the line starts to rise again and tides turn, stand up and look after yourself and over time fortunes and opportunities will arise they always do. One just needs to survive and be prepared to take them never consider yourself down and out. 

True success is measured by the persistence to survive the low times sailing through the long storm enduring your survival until the sun starts to shine again. The determination to sail through the low times measures one’s true character. Even when you have over achieved your objectives never forgot your true character and your determination that originally got you through the low times in your life. 

Will and determination is a very powerful force of nature which we all have buried inside of us,  if you maintain it you will eventually find success in life, survival is your responsibility no one else’s as they worry about their own survival. Never give up in life be determined.

Ash. X

Coming next ‘The Dee Lou Rob’ Suite at Belleva

Never had a launch or send off for Belleva as we have nothing to brag about. It’s a team effort where I have orchestrated the design behind each room with help dressing the space from Danielle Robinson each step of the way. We like low key.

So we have decided the final room at Belleva to complete (room 3) should be designed by Dee Lou (Danielle). In it there is already a lovely double bed that is beige linen. Pale grey thick twist carpet and light painted walls (where we started last year). She has a blank canvas on from this. With help from our loyal and expert craftsman Colin Almond who is perfect for the ongoing upkeep of Belleva, I am very excited to give Danielle this stage alongside the help of Colin.

The Dee Lou Rob Suite is to the front of the property on the first floor. It is a heavenly room with a beautiful window and private bathroom with an L Shaped bath. There is a Smart TV in the bedroom and bathroom friendly Smart TV. Smart heating to lower our carbon footprint and LED light bulbs.

The only clue I have is that it will be ‘Blackpool’ inspired and bright. Not many people know about Belleva and they are booking on sites that offer hundreds of other hotels. Guests don’t know our story or anything about behind the scenes. This is a tough business. But Belleva is a house full of love and magic and best enjoyed when quiet. It will take a long while to be established as a known hotel since it has not traded since 2014.

Okay, we decided not to offer early morning breakfasts. Each to their own. We have no need to conform to any other persons expectations because we are trying our best and that’s enough. We are however open to guest suggestions. Therefore we have a suggestion box in our hallway.

A space is not a competition. We live in a free society and that’s art. We do what we can with what we have and collect like minded connections along the way.

TBH xxx

Blood and Smoke — Steve McCurry Curated

Bamiyan City, Bamiyan Province, Afghanistan Although most Hazaras live in central Afghanistan, the mountainous and rugged land they refer to as Hazarajat, the Hazaras who have migrated to Kabul looking for work make up a large underclass, take jobs that other groups refuse – as bearers, street sweepers and other common laborers, the jobs that […]

Blood and Smoke — Steve McCurry Curated