Pining …

Well, I am still in Warwickshire as I am going to London for a meeting at the weekend with some truly beautiful volunteers who give their time tirelessly to animal causes.

Then back to Leeds. I am homesick. I miss my house. My cats. Life there …

Can’t wait to go see the Xmas lights and sip wine in the square.



Have set up Elegant Hippy with help from my assistant Laura who is a diamond.

Set up some regular pet news for rescue. Busy bee.



OH and I designed a logo. I did it in paint, It’s not professional looking but I tried and am quite pleased with myself!


Sick already of hearing about the American elections.

Actions speak louder than words, so I hope the hysteria dies down.

I am pining for Yorkshire … (badly).

Tiffany Belle Harper Photography

Tiffy x

‘A Trivial Pain’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

A trivial pain compared to those that suffer more than this … tooth extraction. Was a crown, root removed soon to be a bridge. My silly left tooth now a gap, awaits something better so I can feel happy enough to smile like others do more liberally.

I turn on the radio. Radio 4 to be exact. I hear a story of a woman far worse than me who discovers she has leukemia. So young, her life taken shortly. How brave as she spoke of pain – her desire to be in the now. To relinquish the past and void the future. Her strength – spirituality – knowing the soul is infinite, never suffering. Her beacon of eternal light.

I searched to find her on the internet so I could listen again. But really I knew, I didn’t need to. You see, I often do that, makes notes, reflect. I hear a song and kick myself for not recalling the artist.

What if I am out having dinner and they ask for my favorite song, film … I blush, I can’t think of one fast enough. When really, there are so many … I seldom recall. I’d rather enjoy the new. The moment. The glory of spotting a piece of small architecture like a marble crow on a bridge, crowning a historical plaque.

Or the sun captured branches of leaf riddled trees in orange, yellow, then, flashes of tan to darkest polished brown.

So as my mouth unfreezes from anesthetic once more. I embrace a little pain. I send it to those who feel it more. I send them light darting through branches and bridges of historical value amidst city lights against a pink and dirty gray skyline.

Tiffany Belle Harper☺