Doggie Dinners Christmas Appeal by Wetnose Animal Aid – Please help us support smaller rescue.

Please kindly read this appeal by a cause I love and admire enormously. I will bring more soon. Help these smaller rescues at xmas. They need people like Andrea Gamby-Boulger of Wetnose Animal Aid. She’s a diamond.

Wetnose Animal Aid

dog-in-kennel Rescue Stray waiting for new owner

Christmas is a time of year when we can all give a few pennies to help animals in our Rescue Centres around the UK who help strays animals and injured wildlife, everything from a hedgehog to a horse, please share a pound or two for those without a voice.

 After running a Rescue Centre for 13 years we know the holiday seasons get very busy indeed and Christmas is no exception, from the 1st December onwards stray dogs would start coming in from the Council Wardens, 18 years ago we had to collect from the Police Stations as well (when the police took in stray dogs), sometimes 10.00pm at night in the snow or freezing fog, we were on call 24/7 to help stray dogs.

By the second week of December we were half full why?

  • Well some families would go on holiday and wouldn’t pay the kennel fee’s?

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‘Find peace in exile’ by Tiffany Belle Harper #Poem

Resentment – hate – jealousy – rivalry – deception – exile,

delight all that drive our alignment apart – our test ‘as one’.

Darling we are ambiguous, boundless, infinite, no crime denies love.

Never forebode, for this exile is but a virtual place til we return.

Together we unite with gravitation, mystery, trusting only magic,

for love shows no deception – our hearts entwine – souls spark.

The seeds of change lie within each of us – we are ‘our’ journey.

One journey – ‘this journey’ – a voyage of eternal permanence.

Varying stages on many platforms … together – one elusive journey…

Remember us – those who conflict – pity those – they are weak.

Circles set in waves of endless discovery governed only by trust.

Tiffany Belle Harper

(Billie Holiday is one of my favourite vocalists)