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Photo via the Met This caravan account is recorded on a cuneiform tablet from the ancient city of Kanesh. Sometimes we forget that the way things have been in recent years — or even recent centuries — are not the way things always have been. For example, we imagine women have come a long way […]

Women in Business, 1870 BC — Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog

Say ‘Doodle Day’

Sometimes when we feel helpless with just wanting a day off. Do it. To stop worrying about commitments and obligations and just Doodle. Feel our own art and crafts without guilt or regret. You can make posters with vectors, pics, quotes and put them around the place. It’s not an expensive hobby and will make you feel ‘spesh’.

Jealousy is a horrid, horrid thing and something I cannot admit to ever feeling because when someone impresses me I want to be friends with them or at least send them kudos. So don’t waste your time with worthless emotions. Turn those small minded thoughts to being original and of a positive mindset. I am going to tackle the cellar. Have a great week and get over it. Life is too short so live it out with some kind of purpose that helps others. It all comes back tenfold. It really does. Smile and Smile Again! It’s contagious.

Tiff. X


Spent the last few weeks preparing for the summer. Lock down for me was a great opportunity to get the websites sorted out, plus craft about the place during all hours, with wax and soap! Now it’s more about getting some kind of order to open a hotel. It is not about a sense of obligation, but more so taking a few steps back to work out my time and how I can have some kind of job satisfaction without a sense of panic.

I do love making soaps and wax melts, candles and well … the bath bombs are all about the humidity. I do want a few weeks to lose myself ‘totally’ in the crafts … yet I have had to prioritise what is most important. Thing is … all of it matters. However, I am in my zone and enjoying our time. I won’t take life too seriously. Regardless of peer pressure or social expectation. It is all about me. Always … Of Course! And it is all about you. Put yourselves ahead too!

At Belleva House today, we had super fast internet installed. It has been a pain in the ass with all the work required to get to this stage. But well worth it. Just testing it out now with this blog post. It will be great for the hotel as each room will have Smart TV etc.

There’s a great new band evolving in Blackpool called Alright. They really are gifted and the lyrics are so uplifting. The acoustics are mind blowing not to mention the vocal contrast = perfect = brilliant. They released their first tune last Friday! I will post more about them soon and other stuff happening. There is a lot going on!

South Shore Soap are going to start selling gorgeous hand made Pamper Boxes to all of the UK very soon. Passing my exams was more complicated than the entire AstraZeneka process. Ridiculous. It is fine to bake food and sell it to guests … but to make soap with similar ingredients requires more red tape than stuff we digest or have injected into us. But seriously … I had my jab. No regrets whatsoever. I felt rubbish for a few days but better than getting sick. I would recommend everyone taking the opportunity as a preventative to get hit hard by the pandemic affects. No regrets at all.

Life is for variety, trying out new things and moving with the times. To not become stagnant and to over come our fears. To focus on our own aspirations and remain in a positive mindset. I do hope everyone is well and really cannot wait to catch up in person. Less is More and Love is the Answer. Time for ZZZzzz ….

Love, Tiff. X

ps. The Cat Room at Belleva House is ‘L Shaped’ and has a lot of features. But I haven’t taken any good pics of ‘it all’ yet. The one above is a bit blurry but it shows I am trying! It will be finished next week. I promise!

March is Madness

I have been painting. Listening to the radio. Doing the flat. Trying to maintain space and good vibes. Musicians are allowed to rehearse. It’s front line work to keep their skills supple for the forthcoming steps to some kind of normality. I am living on a street that’s a fusion somewhere between Trumpton and Coronation Street but I have met many lessons that help me grow. And made many friends from all destinations. Yet sometimes seeming confident is taken with offence? A shame, because to inspire is preferred over anger.

A first impression is a cover but nobody knows the pages. What we may be going through and how we cope alone. And this applies to men and women. So many women angry with men.

I don’t believe I deserve to be bullied in terms of assumptions, an over healthy interest in my online presence or any urge to shout and swear at me.

This lock down has been emotional for everyone, so an ideal opportunity to one day reflect at how we managed ourselves in terms of empathy. We can all be vulnerable.

Happy Mothers Day to ALL. Women need to come together and not drive each other apart. We Don’t have to be friends or like one another but we can forget the gripes and niggles in favor of being gracious. Especially when we have to live and work on the same street. No woman should use her significant other as a shield to bully a woman who may seem alone. We all have someone, whether we choose to be public about it or not. Everyone has love somewhere. It’s a personal choice how we wish to conduct ‘that’ privacy.

So be kind. Be original. Put all that resentment towards a positive hobby or ambition. Making lists and plans to seek cowardly revenge will never heal your jealousy and bad intent.

Everybody has a life and since we are all here at the same time, make good of all gifts. Love is The Answer and there’s two sides to every story. So hear both before you make judgement. Better than that, mind your own business. Only a narcissist would believe everything is directed at them. As with ego comes paranoia. And wrong judgements are made in haste.

Good Manners Cost Nothing.

Tiff. X