My Truthful Thoughts without Bias by Tiffany Belle Harper – Rishi Sunak – Fake Media and Hospitality in the UK

Grab a cuppa – have a read. Here’s my thoughts. The image above I took from the internet. It is Rishi Sunak who is the current Chancellor of The Exchequer in the United Kingdom. A job he has not held for long and I feel I must send my best wishes at this difficult time […]

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‘Women be Crazy’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

A post for women and girls in particular. Never let anyone say you are weird, mad, crazy or stupid. You are beautiful. Own your body. Own your mind and have fun with your soul. There’s some gorgeous guys out there. I have some amazing male friends both gay – straight and transgender. It doesn’t matter. […]

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Please Do Not Suffer in Silence. Sharing is your Friend

It doesn’t matter how I feel about a person personally – it would not make any difference at all to learn they felt unhappy at home. I would fight for anyone who may feel detached from reality due to abuse and a sense of self doubt because of loving a person you do not necessarily […]

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