comfy clothes and noodles in a village by Tiffany Belle Harper

I am finding more and more public houses in the UK, where they sub-let their restaurants to offer multi-cultural cuisine. There are chinese and indian outlets (for instance) offering food to eat in and take-away and I think it’s a fantastic idea. It creates revenue, whilst offering variety at the same time. It’s right for all cultures to ‘mix up,’ that’s what life’s all about. TBH©


left handed anxiety at 3am

Isn’t handwriting fascinating … I don’t know what’s more captivating. Words or the way they’re written? I’m a left paw and I never write the same way. I can write with my eyes shut too. (I’m a left-handed dyslexic with a very big imagination.) Right now … I’ve got dreadful insomnia. Cannot stop worrying. Then when I am tired and able to sleep it will inevitably be time to get up! The joy of trying to write a book in isolation. It’s getting to me … And now I will meditate to see if anyone else is conscious. Or maybe I will craft some geometrical piece of art. Either way, I am in the wide awake club … Oh Fuck! TBH©