Coming Soon! Bestie Pamper Box by South Shore Soap Company

Bestie Pamper Box – Parfum Wax Melts, Apricot and Pear Soap New to South Shore Soap Company. Apricot and Pear Fragrance Oil – Allergen Free. Ideal for those not suited to essential oils, this fruity, musky and sweet soap is just perfect for everyone. Just the right gift for your Bestie too! Perfectly presented alongside […]

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A Treat to You from Me

I think we all struggled with lockdown. I run a bed and breakfast and to be honest for a while I enjoyed β€˜me’ time. What with opening a new hotel across the street and wondering how to escape the lease from where I am still at – the stress at times was overwhelming. So, making […]

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Writing hut

I love making nests. This one is my writing hut in Warwickshire. Everything in it is second hand or I made/found/up-cycled. It cost absolutely nothing. It was beautiful at night – this is when I stayed in it most. I put lots of candle lanterns and solar lights in the tree outside of it. An […]

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