The murder of charlene Downes cold case Case has been re opened £100,000 reward announced on BBC. Blackpool.

Every person deserves end of life dignity. Time to say goodbye to their friends, family and those they take care of, in a peaceful way of departure. Charlene Downes did not have this privelidge and the path of devastation for the unfortunate life she left behind is beyond any type of comprehension.

There is evil on this earth. Bring her soul justice. In the name of truth and faith in goodness of conscience. There is no glory in natural life depravation, abuse, hate and revenge. She was so loved, despite her complexed path and extreme hardship. People are still fighting to give her disappearance some kind of closure. How can any person walk on this planet knowing what really happened to her. We live in a world like this?

Every life deserves a memorial with dignity and respect. A time to be born and a date to die in remembrance of celebration for Mother Nature. The cold blooded act of murder is the greatest sin of all. Do not be a bystander. Come forward. There is no such thing as an inferior being. We are all equal. We are all serving a purpose. Life is Precious.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

My Beautiful Adopted Planter by Tiffany Belle Harper

June 15th 2021, I was given the go ahead to leave the rental bed and breakfast I had managed for 3 years and 2 days. I moved there on my birthday 2018. Thing is, I had to be out by the 17th June. Just two days to pack an entire hotel up and transfer the piles of bedding, furniture, tableware and ornaments across the road. Danielle ‘my friend and housekeeper’ was a rock. It was blistering heat, but we did it.

I had a call from Mum on the 16th June, saying I had to get to Warwickshire. I had promised Dad I would hold him when he died. He went on the 20th June (Father’s Day) early hours of the morning. The garden came alive with nature and the sky shone amber amidst pale skies and descending white clouds. Two resident ducks on the pond and a glimpse of a fox in the copse. All so very much alive but as for Dad and his barrow, there would be no more. The clouds took him home. I recall driving down the motorway, with the dogs, knocking back black coffee whilst feeling totally stunned and shattered, hoping I could catch him in time. Job done. I drove back to Blackpool on the 22nd June 2021. Belleva opened during Augusts 2021 – after what I can only describe as 2.5 years of total chaos and unnecessary drama.

Unfortunately, I contracted Covid and could not attend the funeral. But I was there and in Blackpool with Dad, in spirit. So instead when I got on the mend, I bought some bedding plants for the tub I had inherited outside of Belleva. I watered the plants each morning religiously whilst the street was quiet. I hope they are just as beautiful this year, for everyone everywhere who has the privilege of soil.

That said, my neighbour Steve, kindly removed a plant for me, from the drainpipe at Belleva this week that had embedded itself in the gutter so deeply, he had to use brut force to get it out by the roots. Made me laugh. And Tracy another lovely friend and neighbour informing us, a woman over the street from her (a previous neighbour) had let seeds dropped by the seagulls, take over so much, she had lupins growing on her flat roof so high they obscured the front windows. When others raised the matter, the woman replied, ‘so fucking what.’ It did make us smile. It really does take all sorts to make a world. As long as we are kind, that’s all the matters.

Tiffany. X

Belleva Video by Hilzy’s World.

I used to love making videos. Although, I was never any expert. But since I struggle with phones and the amount of hard drive required on a PC being too much expense, I let the past-time go.

A while ago I was contacted by a lady named Jane who asked if she could make a video of Belleva in conjunction with Stay Blackpool. The reason being, belleva house would be a good example of a newly refurbished hotel to help flagship Blackpool nationwide. by return, supporting all accomodation within the stay blackpool acredited brand.

I initially hesitated, since I considered it may offend the neighbours and I can’t be done with it anymore, but a video went ahead in general about the street, whilst I was out shopping, where Jane mentioned on the footage, she would return to see inside Belleva. Since the hotel was not fully completed, I did worry. But then I told myself, these things are great for progress. It did however ‘offend’ some of the neighbours. You just cannot win. The logic being obvious. Common sense, not so.

This weekend I had a lovely guest named Hilary, alongside Stewart (her husband) who saw the video about Belleva by Jane of Visit Fylde Coast which prompted them to book a break here. Hilary too has a media channel and asked if she could make a video during her break. I gave Hilary a blank canvas of the remaining vacant rooms and left her to it. I am always more than happy to leave empty rooms open for guests to take a look around. I am extremely relaxed about the place. Belleva Blackpool is a real home from home environment. Guests are welcome to dress a mannequin, sell their art here etc. Am completely approachable and open to suggestions. I want to learn from others. It is a joy! And we are already involved with several Northern Fundraisers that caught our eye. One of which being Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

This morning Hilzy’s World sent the video to me. I did not expect or ask for this privilege and am so very humble. Hilary had clearly gone to so much effort and put a great deal of love into the footage. It reminded me much of my younger self, when I used to craft film snippets, sharing my journey online. Hilary and Stewart are a lovely couple and it was so lovely to meet both of them. I believe Hilary has a really engaging and sincere tone. I have since watched a few of her videos and thoroughly enjoyed them. Well worth subscribing if you enjoy YouTube and kind characters with genuine opinion.

Spring is well and truly here. New beginnings and positive mindset. Here’s to a peaceful end to conflict on a global scale and those who suffer at the hands of hate, violence, weapons, ego, and power. What a worry. Love to ALL and may there be compromise in troubled areas of the globe. There is never a winner with war. The leaders have to stop escalation, even if that means surrender. With surrender comes debate. With cyber wars, chemical weapons and nuclear deterrents there can only be misery. Keep the civilians safe. Disarm. Stop.

Do not agitate a growing conflict. It achieves nothing. Taking sides can only cause hostility. Diffuse the Beehive. Stand back and sit round the table. Every conflict has a beehive. The oppressor and instigator. The problem maker. This is not a football match to give you something to cheer along. This conflict is an open ended game, that could end in global catastrophe. No more loss of innocent lives. It is always the humble who suffer the hardest. Politicians have bunkers. The rest of us don’t. Remember that. Stay Real. The suffering of the meek is not an action movie being played out on sites like Twitter. This is real evil on earth. There can be no winners. Every Mother mourns her children, regardless of region.

I thought a global pandemic may put things into perspective and make us all feel more grateful for what we often take for granted. But it seems to have brought out the worst in some.


Tiffany Belle Harper. X