Sunday sharing – happy solstice – candles – nature #diary

Last year my mobile was stolen from by my bed, I got used to this type of thing – but what I can never replace are the pictures in it. An entire year of memories. I have learned to lock the back door and my flat door, claiming our own space.  At the time I […]

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Sunday sharing – pet seagull – crafting – keep Britain tidy #diary

Here’s a few pics taken with my phone of this week. The beach is now chaotically busy which to me is a shame if I am honest. The sea may no longer be blue and they are throwing a lot of rubbish on the sand which ends up in the ocean poisoning the wildlife and […]

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Fylde Pebbles and Flower Moon

I am worried that I will become addicted to the internet. It happened many years ago when I did not have my own home – I was in hell. I had nothing I could do and felt so rubbish due to ill health both physically and mentally. It went on for years. I swore I […]

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