Go Easy on Yourself – BE Love!

I have a dose of insomnia – hello moon! Maybe there’s an earthquake lurking where the platelets of Mother Nature are at anger with our deeds … Or perhaps I am over-thinking. Life’s like that. The mind can be our greatest enemy when we need to restore our inner calm and balance. We find we begin […]

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‘When I am Eastern’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

I will wear cheesecloth gowns and live in an airy space on top of a mountain with goats and chickens roaming freely. I will have wild monkeys as friends.

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Solitude in England #diary

When we remove ‘self’ from that which is familiar, we find so much more about ‘us,’ as a collective source of love entwined with all that is natural. On top of a hill set behind an old stone ruin. Heaven could not be more beautiful than where we are hidden. TBH© slightly lost in time […]

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