my sons

I need to start making posts here ‘more’ about what my two sons are doing in their lives as they are my world. I am in constant ‘awe’ at both my boys. Is it wrong to say, when people ask, what do you do and I reply, ‘ I love my sons more than I […]

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proud mummy (again)

My eldest son’s fairy garden. Wait til you see what he’s done to the inside so far! He stands in his power. My children are free spirits. They don’t break the rules and they make them – with love. Mum. X

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Roald Dahl December 1984 #Video #Biography

Roald Dahl is my favourite author of all time. That’s not saying that many others are equivalent in terms of talent. But Roald Dahl opened corridors and gateways in my mind that still remain. I believe every child should be given the opportunity to share his magic. interviewed above by the late ‘Terry Wogan.’ A […]

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