July = focused + heart = bliss

It was lovely to have some time with my family last week. Also to catch up with my heart. To have some space. Nice to get home to my friends too. Somethings are best kept personal. A wasps nest is in my shed. It’s fascinating what nature can do. The grey piece of art work […]

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thank you St Chads Road

With lock down I am appreciating just what lovely neighbours I have. Everyone has asked how things are and we are all taking care of one another like a big family. I have no regrets moving to Blackpool. My heart is here for the time being. I feel very much at home in all ways. […]

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my opinion – death of multiple children in London UK — The Nester

No wonder the UK is becoming a global laughing stock. We are giving rights to criminals with intent to harm others. Tougher action is required. These children are wild cards. They need leaders in the community to empower and guide them away from hate crimes. If this does not stop, it will spread beyond control. […] […]

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