Why Independent Sex Workers help women by Tiffany Belle Harper.

If you don’t get out and need a good book idea, here’s some food for thought. True story by the way. Here goes! I wrote this very quickly.

I applaud sex workers. It never should be a taboo subject. Since the beginning of mankind women have been brave enough to offer services to keep everyone else safe. And in view of recent events for which have taken place in my life since the end of November 2022, this just reaffirms my opinion. That said, such a profession should be one of free will. Since no person should be exploited, groomed or forced into the industry.

For instance, there are women who choose to share their home and day to day lives to voyeurs, who pay to watch the cameras set around their homes or studios. These wonderful women make a good living and why shouldn’t they. They have undertaken the task to share their lives to those who require such a service.

And this is a double edged sword, because say for instance, a man is feeling lonely within his relationship. Yearning for more. Is intrigued by the risqué nature of peeping into the world of another. Then he must dig deep and pay for such a service. His wife knows not of this but in turn his relationship with his significant other improves. As he discovers that now his life has more depth, with his newfound vice. And what he lacks at home is paid for by means of a service. The woman he chooses to stalk with consent, makes a living from his nosiness.

And I know these workers can make as much as four to five hundred quid an hour. Leeds taught me well. I knew great people. I admire any woman who turns her skills to feed her children. And it’s not money laundering. Punters pay online by debit or credit card, marked discretely for the benefit of a shared bank statement. The salary for the woman is taxable and she registers as self employed. As a therapist or model. It’s all legal. Good luck to them! Everyone is happy. Perhaps not his wife, if she was to discover this sudden happiness given to her, comes from the life of paid access to working girls spaces.

But then I assume it is better for his wife to live in denial, since after all, her man is a less hungry person for his other (secret) fetish and perverted desire. He now wanks more regularly and grins like a cat. In belief his life is more wholesome. While the working girl buys herself nice things. Takes the kids to the cinema or chills out with her girlfriend. For probably she is glad to be out of the daze of males. A lot of working girls are gay, I have found.

On the other hand you can have a man who does not have permission to invade the space of a woman. A woman who is not a sex worker, who has not opened her world to strangers. Who chooses to be as she lives, while sharing only her secrets with her true and one love, for which they thrive together quite happily. This man, the Peeping Tom (a millionaire – a hoarder) a phycological rapist bombards himself into their secrets, looking for ways to find out who she speaks with, what she is planning and how her private world is. He takes without conscience, he feeds his depression with the lives of those who embody a contentment within their true tribes. Raping her of any form of solitude or space. Taking what does not belong to him. A repulsive, vulgar scum bag, living in a sea of lies. Relishing that swift opportunity to see her naked. Unbeknown to her, the times she walked from the shower to find her clothes for the day or pyjamas for bed. This vulgar man living in a delusional world of a forced relationship, had repeatedly raped the law of humanity and the right to privacy.

And I would say to any person if you want to expand your cravings, pay a specialist and don’t be a rapist.

Tiffany Belle Harper.