My Truthful Thoughts without Bias by Tiffany Belle Harper – Rishi Sunak – Fake Media and Hospitality in the UK

Grab a cuppa – have a read. Here’s my thoughts. The image above I took from the internet. It is Rishi Sunak who is the current Chancellor of The Exchequer in the United Kingdom. A job he has not held for long and I feel I must send my best wishes at this difficult time […]

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It’s okay everyone. The world is in shut down due to a bug that will be on all of our death certificates. The masses are indeed being groomed. Chernobyl threatened with fire which could end the world, if an asteroid doesn’t hit us first. We are culling dolphins for money and most of wildlife is […]

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Candle Making and Mental Health

I used to create hampers and hope to do this again in the future but I never made time to make my own candles to put in them. Last week I decided to have a go and I am pleased with the results for a first attempt. I purchased from a site based in the […]

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