As a british citizen I call upon the UK government to stand for victims of stalking, abuse and intimidation. To address our basic rights to privacy at home and in the work place.

I call upon The British Government across all parties to unite in tougher laws against common stalking. Where every claim of a stalking offence is fully investigated, regardless of how unlikely that claim may initially seem. To include the use of hidden spy cameras, phone hacking, car and GPS trackers, web and Alexa sabotage, allowing a coward to operate anywhere in the world using portable magnetic, web and radio spyware.

Stalking is a violation of basic human rights that can destroy lives. It imprisons the victims and removes their right to privacy. We must bring maximum penalties and full exposure and a register to name and shame stalkers. Stalking is the highest form of cowardice and can in many cases, result in physical harm to the victim. Stalkers are of the belief they can take the privacy of another without their permission. It is psychological abuse and mental torture. No person should feel invaded or imprisoned in their personal space, at work or any vicinity.

People are being traced online as home workers to find their precise locations and pursued across social accounts, regardless of the blocking facilities, thus denied their basic rights to earn an income or lead normal lives. And a stalker may observe family, friends and routines to establish the whereabouts of the sufferer.

The UK will not be a free society until stalking is taken seriously and addressed on every level, to catch the sick mind of a coward and bring the Peeping Tom to justice in a court of law. As such, stalkers are mentally sick and a danger to society. A stalker lives in denial and when this person has too much time and money on their hands, it may become a spiralling, endless obsession. Stalkers are dangerous to themselves, their mindset – but most of all the innocent sufferers. And many stalkers appear to lead normal lives, little beknown to those around them the horror they cause in their ‘other’ world of jealousy and self-dissatisfaction. Stalkers are unhappy and morose in their thought patterns – taking pleasure from the sense of control and bad intention firmly rooted within them.

A stalker may be reluctant to seek help or any form of counselling for their disorder, believing it is all the fault of the victim and probably everything else they cannot control. A stalker is delusional and dangerous in need of attention by any means. A stalker in many cases will live by mood swings (peaks and troughs) with addictions to enhance self-confidence. Making
the wrong decisions under the influence of mind alerting substances, alcohol (not limited to but) being the most common.

A stalker will have a perpetual need for any means of attention, praise or credit, finding it hard to obtain any sense of spiritual awareness or self-peace. They may be reluctant to engage in sport or group activities, where they are unable to control the outcome. The thought of losing or not being in control of any situation is their downfall, as in turn they are unable to live in a real world of day-to-day life experiences, for which most of us deal with as part of  our routines – and this may include parenthood, charity and/or community work in the real world and healthy, happy relationships of equal measures. Where both parties can connect with society on every level, with respect.

A stalker will be insecure and see most situations as ‘rivalry’ or an ‘obstacle.’ They have a fear of not winning or being out shone. Preferring to remain stuck in their own minds with a belief of having to appear greater or better. In turn the stalker may take pleasure in causing further anguish to the victim for any of their own shortfalls, as this is easier than acquiring self-help or an acceptance of their psychotic patterns to intimidate, belittle or bully those who are not able (or reluctant) to fight back. The stalker not having the inner strength to take responsibility for his/her lack of fulfilment, thus choosing obsession and control as an alternative. In turn the stalker becoming stuck in dated views and opinions with the belief they are always right and already know everything (ignorance and self-denial being significant.) And the concerning thing about stalking is because they remain stuck in their own cycle of opinion, they can go on to stalk their victims throughout their life, with
no means to end their cruel indulgences. Or worst still instigate physical harm to the victim.

The stalkers sense of power outweighs any kind of common logic, empathy or acceptance of the harm they ‘will’ on their fixations. And the abuser will take pride in shaming others, in order to shed responsibility for their own ill deeds. Many playground bullies go on to stalk, bully and/or abuse the seemingly vulnerable. Or perpetrators who were bullied during their younger years may go on to enjoy intimidating others in later life, perhaps due to not forgiving or letting go of their own ‘earlier’ life experiences. Either way, these patterns can never be acceptable in a modern, evolving society.

Is ‘stalking’ and ‘intimidation’ what you want for your loved ones? To allow the susceptible and in cases, associated loved ones to be held to hostage in their own homes, and places of work without a voice? I call for immediate action to end phycological baiting and illegal stalking and give all sufferers the protection and assurance they deserve and the right to live in a free society. And for those enlisted to carry out such acts of embedding tracking devices and pin
hole software (for example) to be prosecuted alongside the instigator.

To be a bystander is to play a part in the horrific circumstances inflicted upon those who are at risk. A stalker will target a person he believes to be alone or isolated, because a stalker is a coward and unable to accept, he/she is never going to be a part of the victim’s aspirations or future plans. They refuse to accept this or to live in their own alignments. Bringing misery and desperation to the target. Stalking is hard line abuse.

I hope this blog can help at least one person to get past unnecessary hardship and provocation. Furthermore, I have written a ‘self-help’ book with plenty of practical advice about this topic. Showing factual cases of sublime threats, locations, personal details and information from a stalker who uses phycological techniques, numerical and detailed references to real time personal events, coinciding with dates and synchronicities as a result of technical intrusion. It is a systematical diary and reference for those who seek support. This is a book that is now with an educated friend, agent and editor for whom I have known for many years and has followed such events in detail with this particular subject and field. Also, how to track various forms of spyware, then associate it to the origin for further ongoing long-term law enforcement and
media investigation.

On a much brighter note, sleep well, all. Most people are just lovely and there’s so much to live for. Remember most real people have busy lives and plenty to do in their own worlds. We are all building life’s tapestry, one way or another. Only a very small minority object to that. We choose who we want around us. And no person has any right to take our freedom.

Confide. Walk Tall. It’s not your fault this is happening to you and most importantly to those who suffer at the hands of abuse or intimidation, as a wise friend who has since passed, once told me, we are stronger together. We are survivors and things can get better. Speak with loved ones and never confront or agree to negotiate any kind of resolve with a prowler/abuser. They will use this to gain your awareness, causing further harm.

Tiff. X

My Truthful Thoughts without Bias by Tiffany Belle Harper – Rishi Sunak – Fake Media and Hospitality in the UK – APRIL 15th 2020

Grab a cuppa – have a read. Here’s my thoughts. The image above I took from the internet. It is Rishi Sunak who is the current Chancellor of The Exchequer in the United Kingdom. A job he has not held for long and I feel I must send my best wishes at this difficult time for our planet.

Maybe this is a huge awakening where we are challenged to look at our own worlds. Who we love – who and what matters most – to let go of hate, resentment and negativity towards us and try focus on the positive aspects in our immediate circles – wherever in the world that may be. Our planet and our purpose. But then we do have our own sense of survival where we see how this could affect us personally in the long run. There are elderly people running guest houses and bed and breakfasts who would become front line if we are to re-open too soon. I also have friends with hospitality businesses who have young children. Most of us sleep in the same building as our guests and then we cook their breakfasts, change their beds, clean their toilets and bins. We help drunk people up the stairs and we deal with all the problems that can arise with the responsibility of hospitality. We don’t go out to work, we live in it 24/7. 18 hour shifts if we are not woken by people losing their keys or a power cut. Rooms too hot or too cold – baby bottles need warming etc etc. Guests may wake you anytime during the night if they are not in comfort for often the small price paid for a room and breakfast. We are always at their disposal.

Now I don’t know how we could wear masks and gloves to cook and serve breakfasts, clean toilets and change beds. We do not go out to work, we take all that is around us to work with us. We have guests who may have underlying health reasons who embrace a trip to the seaside to feel better. In turn we become just as vulnerable. We don’t have ventilators or nurses to hand, we just have our own resources that are not abundant at the best of times.

I believe in my heart this is nowhere near the time to open doors to hospitality. We need to first establish what needs in society are most essential and step back into this with caution. It cannot be an all or nothing situation. It would be mass murder to throw each sector back to work without considering the importance of life before money and profit. Public places of pleasure would be first to suffer due to the sudden influx of the public after complete isolation – our immune system is not designed to turn so radically in one step. I can only speak from my own opinion.

I worry about the hardest hit of this whole pandemic becoming homeless as it happened to me but under different circumstances. I escaped a life that almost cost me mine. My youngest son stood by me and I went on to travel to find myself once more. I made little money but enough to have freedom. I went on to get hurt with many lessons but this time emotionally with extreme abuse by two people where the only power they had was fake media, over a period of many years and apparently they are still going at it – but that’s in my past and sadly still their future – I really do feel very sad for them and their addiction to social media. I then found love and I grew into a better person as a result of the lessons I went through and how to stand up to what I can only describe as pure greed and ego directed at me during extreme hardship.

But with The Akashic. The Universe – we all leave our blueprints – and this is not inclusive of those who live in a fake world. We cannot hide from our wrong doings. It’s impossible in the bigger picture. My man read the book a couple of years ago and he sees the still provoking patterns. Although the book continues progress and is getting edited as my spelling/grammar at times is beyond awful, due to the pain of writing. But the book is more so witty, joyful and optimistic, apart from the small negative amongst the pages. It’s stored for the future with the trusted. He has watched all this unfold over a long period of time. Truth wins in the end and I went through a process of not allowing myself to look at the harassment where I have not done so for over three years now. To me it does not exist unless someone tells me about death threats towards me and my pets, even jest about my relationship, and to be honest I would rather not know. It is unfortunate they enjoy their millions based on ideas that are not their own. They could not sleep well at night. Alcohol being obvious courage. We simply need to let go of the belief we need to look at those who wish to harm and harass to make way for our new beginnings. And I am humble that I finally managed to do this after many years of believing it was all I was worth. A big factor being the millions of followers used to shield their true intent built through false fame. But I found the love of my life and he is helping me in ways you will never know.

I want to find a way in my mind to sustain the economy, whilst those in power work out what is the best plan of action and I believe this is to claim the billions of funds set aside in off shore banking from the wealthiest who do not pay taxes. How to do this, I have no idea but this money is needed now to keep food in the cupboards for those that will be hit the hardest. In particular small businesses and the self employed. We need to bridge the gap and pay people, including the rates for mainstream, only what the individuals are worth and that includes celebrities. If they are not prepared to name their researchers they should face criminal sentences for taking money they did not earn. Ideas that are not their own. When there is enough proof they should be made to relinquish their wealth and put it back where it should have been.

Since being physically attacked I developed A.D.D. attention deficit disorder which is not a curse, It is a blessing because my mind sees a lot of things in one day. I am not into politics, as I cannot stand bullying and persecution. I am into community and helping one another. Not giving time away to those who would not do the same by return. People who offer acts of kindness by humble actions, where we look after one another. However, in saying this, I believe the Chancellor of the UK Rishi Sunak, has been a brave person, one I am sure his parents are proud of. All through this his he has stood to council. He has tried to make bad of what can only be described as an extreme emergency – could any of us truly be in his shoes right now? The Prime Minister becoming unwell, recovering at Chequers. It seems to be that Rishi Sunak has been the rock here. I say if we have to accept a Tory government – he becomes the next Prime Minister. I thought this yesterday and I asked my cards. They confirmed this. It’s my gut feeling. I may be wrong, none of us know what could come out of this.

I have felt rough this last couple of days. I had a bug over Xmas that lasted three weeks but each year I do get bugs due to a vitamin D deficiency. And I am not getting any younger. But I worry for the future, for my loved ones. Who would take care of them the same way I do. The vets are closed, health services are strained. All the things we perhaps took for granted are no longer here. Then there’s fear and paranoia of not quite knowing what is going on.

On the gov website the advice about the coronavirus is that doctors are allowed to write cause of death as the pandemic without any actual proof, provided the deceased shows symptoms – but how many other illnesses with similar symptoms could be the cause of death? How can we monitor this without any real scientific facts. It’s all just been thrown together. I think we need to know how this is going to be presented much more logically. The rate that fear is being spread through the web is horrific, especially for those who rely only on this.

There really is too much testosterone flying around and I worry about mayhem taking over a peaceful way. I hate screaming and shouting, I just want peace. We cannot rush this just for capital growth. We need a solid and careful plan in place to continue protecting the most vulnerable. All these views are my own. Everyone matters. Everyone has a voice. We just have to come from our hearts and see the good in all bad situations and to protect the purest progress. I hope Rishi Sunak does what he feels right in terms of humanity and salvation. It must be a huge burden. I have not studied his agenda or insight on this. I have simply felt good in him, that’s all and I go with my feelings in the moment. What do any of us know right now? Like my Dad said, the only thing we learn more each day, is that we know less.’ Which is where I formed my strap line saying many years ago, ‘less is more‘.

Tiffany Belle Harper

(bully – cynic – trouble maker) Ricky Gervais: Humanity Needs an Empathy Lesson #review #netflix by Vulture Magazine plus video of bullying in the workplace.


Here is an honest review regarding British Born cynic – cyber bully and ‘self’ investor of publicity –  Ricky Gervais by Vulture Magazine.


Ricky Gervais: Humanity Needs an Empathy Lesson

I’ve got to hand it to Ricky Gervais: Despite having undergone a rare experimental procedure that made his already thin skin almost transparent, he looks great. In Humanity, his first stand-up special in seven years, Gervais is in high spirits as he elucidates a list of grievances against people who he’s never met and who don’t have a thousandth of his influence, joining his Netflix stablemate Dave Chappelle in lashing out against nonfans who, in the greater scheme of things, have no power over him.

After an opening 20 minutes of transphobic material directed mainly at Caitlyn Jenner (which, of course, Gervais takes great pains to insist is not transphobic at all, even as he imagines Jenner asking a doctor to remove her external genitalia) and at trans people generally (who he gleefully likens to humans wishing to be transformed into chimpanzees), he settles into a solid groove, in which he defends the decision to not have children. In so doing, he simultaneously makes both himself and the world into the butt of the joke, transforming himself into a Jack Benny–like caricature of pure, miserly selfishness — a junior Scrooge so cruel that he kicks a baby that he let die of neglect. (This is how Gervais seems to think the world sees him, but it might also be a comic’s exaggeration.) After that, there’s a solid stretch about fear of aging, where he mocks his own sagging physique, slowing metabolism, and distended testicles.

But here, as in the opening section, Gervais can’t make himself the butt of humor for long. He keeps drifting back toward personal grievances against unnamed, non-famous, non-powerful people who criticize his choice of targets or the quality of his jokes. He invariably shifts from outrageous, corrosive, and self-critical back to peevish and petty, compulsively looking for new ways to climb up on the giant cross he’s built in his mind and nail himself to it. It is, as they say, not a good look. It’s downright Trumpian.


The Jenner stuff is sparked by Gervais recalling the press and the public’s reaction to his 2016 stint hosting the Golden Globes, in which he referred to her as “Bruce,” and said that while she’d become “a role model for trans people everywhere … she didn’t do a lot for women drivers,” referencing Jenner’s 2015 car crash. Somebody on social media criticized Gervais then for “deadnaming” Jenner — i.e., using the name she went by before her transition — and Gervais makes a big show, in Humanity, of having learned something he didn’t know and feeling bad about acting from ignorance. But a few minutes later, he’s envisioning Jenner’s gender-reassignment surgery (which he imagines as just lopping it all off, as if with a hatchet), calling her “Bruce” and “him,” and doing that chimpanzee routine: “I’ll be legally a chimp,” he says. “I’ll be be properly chimped-up! I’ll be able to use chimp toilets!”

If Humanity is any indicator, Gervais has spent the last seven years hanging out on Twitter, baiting people and recoiling whenever they snap back, or even when they mildly reprimand or question him for having baited them. He tweeted and tweeted and tweeted, all while insisting that he didn’t care what anyone thought of his tweets, even as he made mental notes of specific people who quarreled with him online so he could single them out years later. He does this more than once in Humanity, building three whole bits around arguments he had with people who criticized him for making, respectively, a joke about rape, a joke about food allergies, and a joke about a “fundamentalist, creationist Christian” who reacted to his tweets about “science facts” with, “Your science won’t help you when Satan is raping your British ass.”

The routine that Gervais builds out of that last bit — envisioning himself in a South Park–ish scenario alongside a self-righteous Christian who’d have to be in Hell himself in order to witness Satan’s violation of Gervais — is superb, deriving all of its force from his decision to take the tweeter at his word and construct a ridiculous tableau. But the fact that the bit is inspired by his interaction with somebody who probably has a dozen followers, compared to Gervais’s 13 million, gives the whole thing a rather sour quality. The sourness intensifies when he laughs about how his Twitter followers dog-piled the man after he retweeted his remark: “Watch the fun, people piling on: ‘Ah, loser!’ And he’s fighting back, really witlessly, saying things like, ‘Go fuck your sister, you English faggot!’” It’s unseemly to be so thrilled by a victory that required no effort whatsoever. It’s like bragging that you beat a 5-year-old at basketball.

Giving strangers a blow-by-blow description of an argument you had on social media while making yourself seem like both the victim and the hero is one of the most boring things a human being can do — even more boring than launching into an unsolicited description of a dream you had. More boring than either is explaining the jokes you’ve just made, to try to convince people that they were dumb for not laughing. Gervais does that a lot in Humanity, too.

But let’s set all that aside for a moment and look at the professional victimology of Ricky Gervais and other major stand-up comics like Chappelle, because it reveals a lot about our culture.

Gervais devotes much of this special — which lasts about an hour and 20 minutes — to complaining that the world keeps telling him what he can and can’t say. He makes it sound as if hearing an opinion or a personal reaction to a comedian’s work (on Twitter, or in, say, a TV review) is the same experience as being fired or jailed by the government as retaliation for criticizing an official. In fact, it’s just a sign that the capitalist American system of expression is working about as well as can be expected, notwithstanding the fact that millionaire entertainers with Netflix deals will always get a bigger platform than yokels on Twitter — or, for that matter, the trans people who are actually singled out for demonization and discrimination by governments, and who endure unconscionable rates of harassment and violence as a result.

Nobody is denying a platform for Gervais, Chappelle, Chris Rock, or even Louis C.K. (who had a Netflix special last year, a few months before his career imploded). They’re free to say whatever they want during their routines, and Netflix is free to give them time and space in which to say it. What seems to infuriate these comedians, however, is that audiences can talk back more easily now and say, “I don’t like that,” or “I didn’t find that funny,” or “That seemed cruel to me.” What comedians like Ricky Gervais object to is being made to think about what they’ve said, and potentially feel regret or guilt over having made a poor choice of material or words. That their initial impulse is to feel anger and resentment at the person raising an objection is telling. (Though Chappelle has sometimes acknowledged — at least in his last couple specials — that he’s not really the victim.)

What these comedians are demanding is that we respect their feelings while they exercise their constitutionally safeguarded prerogative to hurt other people’s feelings. That’s not a level playing field. It’s the power dynamic preferred by a playground bully, in which all the discomfort flows in one direction: away from them. They aren’t really angry about “censorship,” but instead about being reminded that other people are as human as they are, even if they refuse to recognize them as such. As my friend Jay Smooth put it recently, “The only thing more tiresome than lazy punch-down humor is all the tortured sophistry trotted out in defense of it, whenever someone deigns to critique it.” The title Humanity is ironic in ways that Gervais didn’t realize: The title tells you what’s missing.

Review – Vulture Magazine 


(If anyone is being bullied at work – please join a union and make your situation aware to everyone. An abuser/sadomasochistic should be exposed as an example to others who follow in their footsteps. Where do we go wrong when this is allowed to happen in today’s society? A crass and unsophisticated sod who feels the need to talk about how much he earns and what his money from America can buy him. He pays for apparent popularity on his social accounts. It’s all bot driven. Don’t be fooled by any of it. No wonder he is so depressed and dependent on alcohol. The bloke needs professional help. If my sons were treated like this at work I would be utterly anger stricken. And if you find this funny – you are just as bad. Shame on you! Tweeting about animal welfare does not excuse abuse. Ricky Gervais taints other artists in the UK and is causing political, religious and personal divisions right across the board. I believe he should be removed from social media and asked to leave the UK. One day we will look back in horror any of this was allowed to ever take place. Tiffany Belle Harper.)

I would be really grateful if you would share this post everywhere possible. The more people are aware it is time to stand up to this piece of shit – the better. He’s just one silly man and it is fine to tell others the truth about his agenda.


The World Is Evolving and Ricky Gervais Isn’t – The New York Times via Lindy West #review #Transgender #Gay #Lesbian

A little story about the impact of Online Bullying. Help Save Lives.

I wanted to share this story as I have heard some sad stories this morning from people I have spoken with on the phone who are being bullied. They think what they are going through is not worthy of representation. Well, it is. All forms of bullying are unacceptable. And it is true. Those who often seem strong and resilient are targeted more because they refuse to engage in the gossip. Stay strong. It really does happen to more of us than you know. Remember, your phones and laptops are just boxes, you can close the lid. But never feel alone or too afraid to talk about the way it makes you feel.