hypocrisy of the elite fakers – Social Media and Fake Popularity

I don’t know how those in a financially privileged position can shame small businesses just because they spend a few pounds (or whatever currency) on a social media post to help share their business niche. In Blackpool there are almost 900 outlets to stay over night so it’s fiercely competitive and to shave out the […]

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name and shame the coward

This is so dreadful it is hardly worth sharing but I will. A friend sent me a screenshot from the woman who for eight years now has devoted her timeline on the Twitter platform, hiding behind her celebrity partner to attack and stalk me whilst simulating my ideas, titles and covers to write the most […]

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My Truthful Thoughts without Bias by Tiffany Belle Harper – Rishi Sunak – Fake Media and Hospitality in the UK

Grab a cuppa – have a read. Here’s my thoughts. The image above I took from the internet. It is Rishi Sunak who is the current Chancellor of The Exchequer in the United Kingdom. A job he has not held for long and I feel I must send my best wishes at this difficult time […]

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