My sons fabulous project and the sacred Babu #diary

My son bought a street pub a couple of years ago where he’s converting it back to a house and an apartment. He’s designed it all himself and used salvaged materials where possible. This creates a unique and rustic finish. He took the place back to its shell and at first we thought it would […]

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Letting Go of the Past in Warwick ‘My Flat’ and a little Video by Tiffany Belle Harper

When I moved to Leeds (2010) I didn’t fight to keep my house in Warwick. It was a case of survival – at the time all I wanted was a new life. It’s been a journey. I also owned a flat that was home to a friend and her partner. As the rent she paid […]

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My Blanket Box by Tiffany Belle Harper

Found an old blanket box at one of my most fave haunts. Swiss Cottage in Leeds. An eccentrics cave just loaded with often useless yet intriguing artefact. Plus old bits of furniture that smell of un-kept wood and decades of wax.

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