Sir Elton John – Pioneer for Charity – Artist – Singer/Song-Writer – meeting mannequins (Dover Street Market)

Photo not my own – I steal the ones I want. This is so vividly crafty. I used to design and sell mannequins. I don’t miss this type of work due to the storage and logistics – I went too big too soon and it sort of got out of hand. It is all in […]

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Revamp – Elton John Tribute Album — Music of Our Heart #guestblog

Such a gorgeous example of living life with truth and unity. Always finding ways to bring people together. An example of fame done right. I adore this man. TBH©

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For Arthur – run free pup – find friends

There are no words to describe losing a loyal companion – best friend and part of the family. For Arthur. Love Tiffany and Fluffies.

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