hypocrisy of the elite fakers – Social Media and Fake Popularity

I don’t know how those in a financially privileged position can shame small businesses just because they spend a few pounds (or whatever currency) on a social media post to help share their business niche. In Blackpool there are almost 900 outlets to stay over night so it’s fiercely competitive and to shave out the […]

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It’s okay everyone. The world is in shut down due to a bug that will be on all of our death certificates. The masses are indeed being groomed. Chernobyl threatened with fire which could end the world, if an asteroid doesn’t hit us first. We are culling dolphins for money and most of wildlife is […]

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Avaaz – Petition and Video – Facebook is Fake and our Data is being Stolen #DeleteFacebook Let’s ROCK !

Facebook is taking over our minds – what we see – what we buy and what we absorb. Social media excludes and includes according to paid material. Algorithms define what we see. It is like a techno brain that thinks for us and is very, very dangerous. Please make sure all children are aware and […]

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