Mess and Mood by Tiffany Belle Harper

Sunday always has such a personal vibe about it. And I decided to let go of all that has no value to me. Unfortunately, most things that did, have since been stolen from my flat in Blackpool. For months it broke my heart how anyone could do this to me – but you either get […]

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Setting up a Small Biz – Friendship by Tiffany Belle Harper

We are going in literally ten minutes for our daily exercise so this is rushed but if I don’t write it now I won’t bother later. Setting up a small biz for the future in this current ‘climate’ is terrifying on all levels. It is fine for those who are financially stable to give a […]

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Awaiting The Spring – Memory Lane #Video

Here’s a video of me talking intimately with a friend about my passions and interests during 2015. Lots has happened since this. I will be doing more online during the spring … my favourite season. March in particular – a beautiful month! I’ve been on the most amazing journey and I’m tying all of those […]

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