Ancient Knowledge #Video #Consciousness #SpiritualScience

I must share this video with you.  It’s hugely educational. Very long so please watch in parts if that works better for you. I am dismayed that such education is not taught to the young. We are vastly misunderstood. And I fear becoming increasingly misled with a science that can run too fast. But there are […]

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Make a Wish at The Holy Well #Southam by Tiffany Belle Harper #Photography

Taking time out, walked to The Holy Well in Southam. Refreshingly cold as the sun shared the day. It runs adjacently (parallel) to the rear of my family’s home in Warwickshire. Just as I arrived at the gothic folly, ‘Amanda’ my beautiful friend called, so I told her to make a wish. I took a […]

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Today I am Magical by Tiffany Belle Harper

I desire to be free of all that dulls my appetite for adventure. I wish to run naked around the block, sprinkle feathers in to wet concrete. Then I’ll learn how to fly. Yes I’ll cultivate my own wings. They’ll be made of black orchids and pink willow buds with veins from the rainbow where unicorns dwell.

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