Say ‘Doodle Day’

Sometimes when we feel helpless with just wanting a day off. Do it. To stop worrying about commitments and obligations and just Doodle. Feel our own art and crafts without guilt or regret. You can make posters with vectors, pics, quotes and put them around the place. It’s not an expensive hobby and will make […]

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freedom of voice lies within the soul

Freedom of speech will never be truly available which is a shame. It is a shame for the vulnerable that need a voice. Freedom of speech has been sabotaged by ego who use it to hurt and intimidate the very people who would benefit from it. What good is it to laugh at the disabled, […]

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‘Free Thinking’ only love can set Nature free

I love meeting people in real life or even ‘speaking’ on the phone – then, reading blogs as you get the un-edited version of who a person really is to a better degree than pre-meditated bulletins and shares. I see those who attack others for their gender preference or religious values are forming groups to […]

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