Stop Hurting Life – Stop wanting Pain

I have had a busy week with steady progress. Last weekend was my birthday and I actually got a lot of fuss which I did not expect at my age. I have been working on my own personal space plus spending time on the beach. Tried to stay away from the internet – as I […]

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thank you St Chads Road

With lock down I am appreciating just what lovely neighbours I have. Everyone has asked how things are and we are all taking care of one another like a big family. I have no regrets moving to Blackpool. My heart is here for the time being. I feel very much at home in all ways. […]

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Tent Life … This Week

Just want to take a reality check and thank the universe for this week. It’s not about money or appearing popular on the web, We believe it is about making the most of these times to catch up with our hearts. Gotta love mind, body, soul and heart. The pets have us busy. Blimey … […]

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