Blackpool! Are we ready for Porter Girl

We’ve got this one coming to see us in July 2021. She may even leave a few signed books lying around the rooms … sort of like a treasure trail but with twists and turns … perish the thought. No seriously this is not a working purpose blog. Friends don’t need to do that. Lucy […]

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Stop Hurting Life – Stop wanting Pain

I have had a busy week with steady progress. Last weekend was my birthday and I actually got a lot of fuss which I did not expect at my age. I have been working on my own personal space plus spending time on the beach. Tried to stay away from the internet – as I […]

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thank you St Chads Road

With lock down I am appreciating just what lovely neighbours I have. Everyone has asked how things are and we are all taking care of one another like a big family. I have no regrets moving to Blackpool. My heart is here for the time being. I feel very much at home in all ways. […]

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