The Love Nest Project and Space

During time with Dad we would sit in his summerhouse and have our best chats about life. It was situated by the edge of his pond, overlooking the garden. And when he died, I missed those moments and wished I had made time for more. Realising time is precious but then learning by my regrets.

When I moved home, I decided to create a garden and enjoy my own elements of nature as I was feeling pretty miserable with life in general. All due to such awful happenings beyond my control, from a vile and dreadful man who tried to destroy everything around me. Subsequently, I invested in a small summerhouse. It’s been the best personal design project so far. And it is a space I am in love with so much. I treasure it. Everything about the design is a new love story. It is such a personal task and represents so much more, it would be impossible to explain, and it is still progressive as summer is yet to come. This ongoing journey helps me over come so many obstacles and is very beautiful. More than words could ever say. It means the world to me. So let’s carry on. This world is in such a mess, having something so simple is so good for love. It is healing with a freshness from the heart. During hardship comes new doors alongside our worst challenges.

And when we feel passionate about something, it is amazing where in the universe sentiment comes from. Some of the bits here I have found on the street or in charity shops. Junk lying around the house. The sofa becomes a bed, so next I am going to cover it in more cushions and a big soft throw. It’s a real love project, inspired by space and time travel to be honest.

New beginnings. Infinity. And the kitty is a memorial for Billy because I never got to say goodbye. I believe he was taken. It killed me, my heart broke open, as I nurtured him back to health. But during all that hate and heartache, new things rescued me. I had almost lost hope, but never my faith. So very beautiful … truly.

Intelligent, compassionate, funny, handsome. Cute! I am totally spellbound and the summerhouse is how I share my feelings. And there’s so much more. It’s ours.

Misunderstandings are all to easy with chaos amidst words and spontaneity, but with a physical imprint, there comes trust and persistence. Because we get out what we put in. I am sure you will agree. Because I said so!

Thank You for Finding Me …

With Love. X