The Cheeky Ones having Fun on Bin Day – Seagulls

Look at these beautiful creatures. Each has their own personality. They soar across the skies hunting in packs for food. They share their discoveries. They call one another to eat our waste. Observe how some of these bin liners have been thrown out for the bin people in flimsy bags. Seagulls really do believe they […]

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a vulgar man and a sick woman

There’s one thing worse than a man who ‘get’s off’ on bullying vulnerable women. And that’s the woman who sits next to him and gets off on it too. TBH© Below is a picture of a despicable couple, who abused common humanity, working for the devils in their fucked up, twisted heads. A dissatisfied duo, […]

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art – freedom – fake media – scum

I love independence and freedom. I despise liars – gossips and people who use power to spread their own ego. But then, we must always remember – they are stuck. You know …. it’s like when you read a book compared to all the others or non at all. Or you buy a book because […]

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