Misjudgement and Hurtful Friendship. Socialism should never tell you to be silent by Tiffany Belle Harper

In life I believe we all may go through a metamorphosis, where unnatural circumstances can change our approach to many things. And these last months I have felt a great deal of inner turmoil and change, because I was not in control of events. And during such, often feeling despair, we delve into our core values, and we may turn to learn, research, contemplate. And nobody really knows how even the smallest of pitfalls can affect our mental health,when under duress. 

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I am not of any political firm belief. I have always remained free in my thoughts, believing it is about individuals, as opposed to an entire party, for which will always be divided in one way or another. And when I say I am a socialist, I perceive this to be an acceptance of many aspects of a person. I myself have never wanted to be of huge wealth, particularly not a kept woman, in search of a comfort blanket. Love is more than that to me. I lead a humble life. I thrive in one room, and I am surrounded by sentiment and a sense of self nurtured ambience. Yeh, I enjoy good food, a nice meal out – but even that may become taken for granted if becoming too much of a thing. There’s nothing more romantic than baking at home.

To me socialism should mean equality in that we share in ways where no other person feels helpless. It does not mean that a person should NOT be successful. That’s just ridiculous. We should want the best possible life for our children and encourage them to be their greatest self. Because life is pretty miserable in the confinements of mainstream media and bleak daily news, which can all too often over throw our own change of self contentment and higher survival. Just look at some of the crap out there and work on how much better you can do than the vapid system often dictates.

I don’t like the word ‘asylum’ it is a demining word. I am in favour of ‘settler.’ I grew up in Birmingham, have lived in Leeds and then turned to Blackpool, and during these times did not reside in any affluent suburbs. I was in with the community. And I thrive with people who have a story to tell. Who have experienced suffering. And great people are international beings that may land in any country to bring their best to that table. But these are my personal experiences. And how can I expect anyone to know about my journey or ‘me theirs.’ We cannot judge a person or their views by their social presence alone. That’s biased and prejudice. It is true, we think people know us, but they are quick to turn their backs, despite the fact they’ve never walked in your shoes. So choose your friends wisely, because, ego won’t piss on a fire.

To put people in small boats in perilous conditions and send them away, where these souls sincerely believe they are on route to find a new and better life, is just cruel. And we don’t know who is crossing our borders. Yes, we do need our professionals to support the work force in the UK and everywhere else. Migration does need to flow without division and harm. But what we don’t need is for innocent people (to include children) drowning in the ocean and of heat exhaustion in the back of lorries, at the hands of people smugglers. And if this opinion offends those, who I have in the past looked up to and supported. Where I am often ignored and shunned despite making great efforts. You are not worth it anyway. I come from an okay place, and I am entitled to my opinion. One of which I may add, is sincere and my basic human right. I don’t get paid or applauded, I dig for pennies just like most other working-class people.

I am very proud that I am what I have earned myself and do not expect any type of support regarding finance. Since I honour my liberated outlook to all women who want to be in the workplace. Love is about sharing, giving and offering mental support. And most of all to trust one another. 

Freedom of speech is not to all agree – it is to debate and have empathy. It is to live alongside one another regardless of differing views and opinions. To have meaningful discussions is healthy and can be hugely passionate. I would never dream of telling me sons about how to think. I learn from them, and I enjoy they are free spirited thinkers. We should use our social platforms, blogs and any other means of our privileges for use of self-expression, particularly during the difficult times in our lives. Because when we feel silenced, we become soulless. This is wrong, since our spirit to communicate is our very essence of being in a free society. 

You must walk a hundred steps in the shoes of another before you make hurtful assumptions, because some people are more sensitive than others. We all have a place in our societies. 

I have realised how precious our privacy is. When you lose it at the hands of injust and invasive criminal activity (in my case from a stalker with money) you also lose your dignity and trust in the good things. And it’s a cold place to live. 

I recently had time with a counsellor, since I have not been in a good mindset, due to the months of physiologic abuse, which no being is born to cope with. And part of my recovery was to go back to the places that triggered bad memories. One of which was Twitter (since that is where the hate campaign kicked off ten years ago.) I am proud I was able to have the courage to be myself and tweet as though nobody was watching. It has been a good healing process.

The other is to ‘live like nobody is watching.’ Since if you are constantly aware of a predator they have won. I am yet to get around that one, but I am trying. the loss of my cat for which he vanished. I don’t expect any person to grasp how my heart is broken. I just have to deal with it. There’s people worst off but it’s fair to say. I am feeling sorry for myself. Fine. I have to get better, I have two kids and a few pets that need me.

As for my book, it’s just an account of my own journey and who inspired me along the way.

Be Kind


My Truthful Thoughts without Bias by Tiffany Belle Harper – Rishi Sunak – Fake Media and Hospitality in the UK – APRIL 15th 2020

Grab a cuppa – have a read. Here’s my thoughts. The image above I took from the internet. It is Rishi Sunak who is the current Chancellor of The Exchequer in the United Kingdom. A job he has not held for long and I feel I must send my best wishes at this difficult time for our planet.

Maybe this is a huge awakening where we are challenged to look at our own worlds. Who we love – who and what matters most – to let go of hate, resentment and negativity towards us and try focus on the positive aspects in our immediate circles – wherever in the world that may be. Our planet and our purpose. But then we do have our own sense of survival where we see how this could affect us personally in the long run. There are elderly people running guest houses and bed and breakfasts who would become front line if we are to re-open too soon. I also have friends with hospitality businesses who have young children. Most of us sleep in the same building as our guests and then we cook their breakfasts, change their beds, clean their toilets and bins. We help drunk people up the stairs and we deal with all the problems that can arise with the responsibility of hospitality. We don’t go out to work, we live in it 24/7. 18 hour shifts if we are not woken by people losing their keys or a power cut. Rooms too hot or too cold – baby bottles need warming etc etc. Guests may wake you anytime during the night if they are not in comfort for often the small price paid for a room and breakfast. We are always at their disposal.

Now I don’t know how we could wear masks and gloves to cook and serve breakfasts, clean toilets and change beds. We do not go out to work, we take all that is around us to work with us. We have guests who may have underlying health reasons who embrace a trip to the seaside to feel better. In turn we become just as vulnerable. We don’t have ventilators or nurses to hand, we just have our own resources that are not abundant at the best of times.

I believe in my heart this is nowhere near the time to open doors to hospitality. We need to first establish what needs in society are most essential and step back into this with caution. It cannot be an all or nothing situation. It would be mass murder to throw each sector back to work without considering the importance of life before money and profit. Public places of pleasure would be first to suffer due to the sudden influx of the public after complete isolation – our immune system is not designed to turn so radically in one step. I can only speak from my own opinion.

I worry about the hardest hit of this whole pandemic becoming homeless as it happened to me but under different circumstances. I escaped a life that almost cost me mine. My youngest son stood by me and I went on to travel to find myself once more. I made little money but enough to have freedom. I went on to get hurt with many lessons but this time emotionally with extreme abuse by two people where the only power they had was fake media, over a period of many years and apparently they are still going at it – but that’s in my past and sadly still their future – I really do feel very sad for them and their addiction to social media. I then found love and I grew into a better person as a result of the lessons I went through and how to stand up to what I can only describe as pure greed and ego directed at me during extreme hardship.

But with The Akashic. The Universe – we all leave our blueprints – and this is not inclusive of those who live in a fake world. We cannot hide from our wrong doings. It’s impossible in the bigger picture. My man read the book a couple of years ago and he sees the still provoking patterns. Although the book continues progress and is getting edited as my spelling/grammar at times is beyond awful, due to the pain of writing. But the book is more so witty, joyful and optimistic, apart from the small negative amongst the pages. It’s stored for the future with the trusted. He has watched all this unfold over a long period of time. Truth wins in the end and I went through a process of not allowing myself to look at the harassment where I have not done so for over three years now. To me it does not exist unless someone tells me about death threats towards me and my pets, even jest about my relationship, and to be honest I would rather not know. It is unfortunate they enjoy their millions based on ideas that are not their own. They could not sleep well at night. Alcohol being obvious courage. We simply need to let go of the belief we need to look at those who wish to harm and harass to make way for our new beginnings. And I am humble that I finally managed to do this after many years of believing it was all I was worth. A big factor being the millions of followers used to shield their true intent built through false fame. But I found the love of my life and he is helping me in ways you will never know.

I want to find a way in my mind to sustain the economy, whilst those in power work out what is the best plan of action and I believe this is to claim the billions of funds set aside in off shore banking from the wealthiest who do not pay taxes. How to do this, I have no idea but this money is needed now to keep food in the cupboards for those that will be hit the hardest. In particular small businesses and the self employed. We need to bridge the gap and pay people, including the rates for mainstream, only what the individuals are worth and that includes celebrities. If they are not prepared to name their researchers they should face criminal sentences for taking money they did not earn. Ideas that are not their own. When there is enough proof they should be made to relinquish their wealth and put it back where it should have been.

Since being physically attacked I developed A.D.D. attention deficit disorder which is not a curse, It is a blessing because my mind sees a lot of things in one day. I am not into politics, as I cannot stand bullying and persecution. I am into community and helping one another. Not giving time away to those who would not do the same by return. People who offer acts of kindness by humble actions, where we look after one another. However, in saying this, I believe the Chancellor of the UK Rishi Sunak, has been a brave person, one I am sure his parents are proud of. All through this his he has stood to council. He has tried to make bad of what can only be described as an extreme emergency – could any of us truly be in his shoes right now? The Prime Minister becoming unwell, recovering at Chequers. It seems to be that Rishi Sunak has been the rock here. I say if we have to accept a Tory government – he becomes the next Prime Minister. I thought this yesterday and I asked my cards. They confirmed this. It’s my gut feeling. I may be wrong, none of us know what could come out of this.

I have felt rough this last couple of days. I had a bug over Xmas that lasted three weeks but each year I do get bugs due to a vitamin D deficiency. And I am not getting any younger. But I worry for the future, for my loved ones. Who would take care of them the same way I do. The vets are closed, health services are strained. All the things we perhaps took for granted are no longer here. Then there’s fear and paranoia of not quite knowing what is going on.

On the gov website the advice about the coronavirus is that doctors are allowed to write cause of death as the pandemic without any actual proof, provided the deceased shows symptoms – but how many other illnesses with similar symptoms could be the cause of death? How can we monitor this without any real scientific facts. It’s all just been thrown together. I think we need to know how this is going to be presented much more logically. The rate that fear is being spread through the web is horrific, especially for those who rely only on this.

There really is too much testosterone flying around and I worry about mayhem taking over a peaceful way. I hate screaming and shouting, I just want peace. We cannot rush this just for capital growth. We need a solid and careful plan in place to continue protecting the most vulnerable. All these views are my own. Everyone matters. Everyone has a voice. We just have to come from our hearts and see the good in all bad situations and to protect the purest progress. I hope Rishi Sunak does what he feels right in terms of humanity and salvation. It must be a huge burden. I have not studied his agenda or insight on this. I have simply felt good in him, that’s all and I go with my feelings in the moment. What do any of us know right now? Like my Dad said, the only thing we learn more each day, is that we know less.’ Which is where I formed my strap line saying many years ago, ‘less is more‘.

Tiffany Belle Harper