Mandarin, Cucumber and Coconut Juice #VitaminC delicious, nutritious … #Recipe

Vitamin C for darker nights. Coconut water good for bones. Try this juice recipe, it’s lovely! Serves approx 4. 3 mandarin oranges (peeled) 2 inches of cucumber (chopped) 1 cup of coconut water 2 cups of apple juice 2 broccoli florets Blend and serve with ice – add sparkling water to taste! (Add a few […]

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Death Hurts to be Reborn for the Spring by Tiffany Belle Harper

A quick blog … I’ve a long drive today. Not been too vocal here or social web. I’ve not been well. It’s cyclical. Each year I get the same ailments. I’ve been more sensible this time and liaised with my GP. She is also a client of mine, having reiki and massage with me on […]

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