Sunday sharing – pet seagull – crafting – keep Britain tidy #diary

Here’s a few pics taken with my phone of this week. The beach is now chaotically busy which to me is a shame if I am honest. The sea may no longer be blue and they are throwing a lot of rubbish on the sand which ends up in the ocean poisoning the wildlife and […]

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Express your creative passion by Tiffany Belle Harper

There is no elitism in the layer of creativity that embraces all of us. It’s our passion so allow yourself space to broaden what galvanises you most. Instagram is a great way to find and share information, but how many of us actually donate to that platform? I’ve spoken to many people who say ‘they’d love […]

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Tent Life … This Week

Just want to take a reality check and thank the universe for this week. It’s not about money or appearing popular on the web, We believe it is about making the most of these times to catch up with our hearts. Gotta love mind, body, soul and heart. The pets have us busy. Blimey … […]

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