Blackpool! Are we ready for Porter Girl

We’ve got this one coming to see us in July 2021. She may even leave a few signed books lying around the rooms … sort of like a treasure trail but with twists and turns … perish the thought. No seriously this is not a working purpose blog. Friends don’t need to do that. Lucy […]

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Sunday sharing – happy solstice – candles – nature #diary

Last year my mobile was stolen from by my bed, I got used to this type of thing – but what I can never replace are the pictures in it. An entire year of memories. I have learned to lock the back door and my flat door, claiming our own space.  At the time I […]

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Hugely Motivational for All

How a well made bed should look. It’s not how much you spend. It is how well the bedding is washed and pressed and how you ensure there are no creases. There are however a few badly made ones on here, see if you can spot them. Anyway was just doing some other research and […]

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