‘Fame Misplaced’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Fame – often a misconstrued word. Where mainstream fame can become a defect to personal goals. A dad’s version of fame – could be to be adored by his children. A shopkeepers idea of fame may be to have the nicest bread. As long as our perception of fame is for the benefit of others or […]

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What Cannot Kill You makes you Stronger by Tiffany Belle Harper

What cannot kill  you makes you stronger. Treat those who love you most, like family. Never be too proud to say sorry. Always try to forgive, let go, move on … Most importantly never have regrets … The future forgives, the past subsides. Everything has a relative reason, learn. Follow only your hearts. ~Love is […]

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Meditation for Self and Inner Creativity plus #video

Here is a simple meditation technique to escape ‘for a while’ from mainstream expectations and social pressure in the comfort of your own mind. Reminding us we are all unique and have our own crafts and skills to cultivate for our own peace of mind and inner balance.

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