A day of clarity. Set love free to expand and heal with only truth. Be with your loved ones in complete spirit on this Earth. To those who pass with fear let there be justice for you and rest in peace. Namaste to All. Tiffany. X

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night chat … to be awake

Well I know a couple of my girlfriends do the same – we go to bed with good intentions for an early start on tasks then wake up in the night and everything seems so alive. You sort of get insomnia and before you know it you sleep through early morning. It’s a guilty pleasure […]

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Mother Nature – An original concept ©

Once upon a time … long – long ago. Human beings didn’t believe in time travel. It wasn’t in text books. They laughed at most things which manifest with imagination. Human beings demanded attention with ‘their own’ religious values (or non at all – all as bad as one another.) Anything for attention. Oh I […]

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