her delusional front #fiction

She’d use social media to share news about events in her neighbourhood. This went on for years. Yet, not once did she go out and help them? She would appear to raise money for charities in the same way. Asking the good folk to give money to the needy. She’s a multi-millionaire – yet, a […]

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Our Sacred Moon and Women Lost #flowermoon very powerful

The full moon on May 10th reached her peak at around 10.42pm  UK Time. She is magnificent and karmic but also detrimental to all females living a falsehood. A falsehood based on ego and rivalry. This is abhorrent in our current ‘Earth’ crisis. Those who fake and fantasise to be that of another’s energy. They […]

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‘The Sordid Folk’ by Tiffany Belle Harper #Poem #Karma

Today’s vulgarities are notoriously shared with only cash and ego. A hierarchy system of automation that thrives on not debate but control. Where the most sordid take comfort in a mind cavern of constant darkness, thriving only on public acclaim … for they have so little else … them … the sordid folk. Do as […]

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