Mess and Mood by Tiffany Belle Harper

Sunday always has such a personal vibe about it. And I decided to let go of all that has no value to me. Unfortunately, most things that did, have since been stolen from my flat in Blackpool. For months it broke my heart how anyone could do this to me – but you either get […]

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February 2021 – Hello by Tiffany Belle Harper

Some time out has helped me fall in love with ‘blogging’ once more. I used to write here for my own comfort and sanity. Sometimes asked ‘what’s my niche?’ As here is not about one specific thing. But hey, a blog can be about anything or nothing. It’s a place that’s free to store or […]

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Overcomer by Hannah Spangler. For everyone who was or is feeling fed up. You are not alone. Love is Everything. #video

I would like to thank the person that shared this this video with me. I feel very humble. I too have felt like this on occasions and we need to share these moments. This is how being bullied feels, regardless of age or outward courage, it is an awful transition. Or sometimes we may simply […]

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